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  • Sense of pride and shame may be felt league footballer of Hong Kong, Festus Baise. Embarrassed by scoring an own goal, proud as he did with spectacular.

    Events that occur in game AA Citizen, which defended Baise, against Sun Hei SC at the party division of Hong Kong.

    Own goal in itself remarkable nan was born at Baise, which is a defender, would try to block the ball cross the players posted Sun, Jack Sealy, into the penalty box.
    With the position that was already in front of the position of the ball fall, Baise undoubtedly difficulties in a way to block the ball can. But he refused to surrender.

    Players born in Nigeria 31 years ago that just choose to throw the ball, which is actually much more difficult. Leaning forward so that his back to the ball, he raised his foot and kicked the round leather with a heel.

    Kick like that often referred to as the scorpion kick, referring to the rescue of Colombian goalkeeper Rene Higuita conducted under the net in the year 1995.

    Apes to Baise, rather than to block the ball in spectacular fashion as did Higuita 16 years ago, justu ball bounced into the net and on his own team with a goalie catch trouble.

    The game itself is recorded ended with the score 3-2 to win the Citizen, Baise team, so he might be a little relieved.


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