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  • Fiorentina 2-0 Liverpool: Played poorly

    Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher said the team played poorly and had to give up from Fiorentina. Even so. Carra optimistic that the Reds can go back to a positive track after the defeat.

    Liverpool 0-2 defeat when he visited the headquarters Fiorentina of the action Champions League group phase on Tuesday (29/9/2009) morning pm.

    "We did not play well. In the second half, we could perform better but it was not enough (to save from defeat)," Carragher said as quoted by Soccernet.

    "This is a great fight either for us or even for Fiorentina. But they are better prepared for this match from the beginning, for whatever reason," said 31-year-old defender is.

    This defeat makes 'The Red' is now in the third ladder standings Group E. The defeat was also the first failure Liver bird bearing the team's scoring in the Champions League since October 2007.

    Carragher is optimistic that his team can get back to victory lane. "This is something we must immediately find a way out. Fortunately, in the Champions League we still have a chance again four games," defender numbered 23 completely said.


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