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  • Arsenal 3-1 Birmingham: to the big four

    Arsenal made it back into the ranks of the four major English League. Conditions were created after the Gunners to pick three numbers winnings from Birmingham with a 3-1 score.

    It makes Arsenal a prior action in the five positions moved up one rank with a collection of 18 points from eight action they have played. However, their position can still be bumped Manchester City who are now packing 16 points and playing on Sunday (18/10/09)

    In the match at the Emirates Stadium, Saturday (17/10/09) , the young Arsenal goalkeeper, Vito Mannone is still believed to be the main choice though Manuel Almunia has recovered from injury. Almunia himself sitting on the bench only.

    Three goals in the game Arsenal printed by Robin van Persie, Abou Diaby and Andrei Arshavin. While Birmingham scored only puppets offered Lee Bowyer.


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