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  • Manchester United 2-0 Blackburn Rovers: Berbatov acrobatic goal

    Although the time to get tough opposition, Manchester United finally managed to overcome his guest, Blackburn Rovers, 2-0. MU goals scored by Berbatov acrobatic goal and Wayne Rooney .

    The game that took place at Old Trafford Stadium, Saturday (31/10/2009) . Blackburn played defensively and were able to make them hold the MU 0-0 in the first round.

    Impasse that could be solved only when action enters Berbatov hour markers. Rooney fulfill victory over the Red Devils goal three minutes before the game broke up.

    Three numbers plucked from the hands of Blackburn MU makes Sir Alex Ferguson troops back to positions two shifts Arsenal. With the value of 25, Rooney et al adrift two points behind Chelsea.


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