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  • Palermo 2-0 Juventus: End of record

    Unbeaten record for Juventus in Serie A this season, eventually collapsed after they were forced to give up 0-2 by Palermo in Serie advanced duel-A, at the Stadio Renzo Barbera, Sunday (4 / 10/2009) or Monday morning pm. Without the additional numbers, stuttering Juventus in third place standings with 14 points.

    Displaying the best squad, Juventus even depressed since the beginning of action. Without able to retaliate, let Fabrizio Miccoli Juventus, Mark Bresciano, Mattia Cassani threatened goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon in the first 20 minutes.

    Juventus eventually got up and create opportunities through Diego (25) and Felipe Melo (27). However, yet again managed to score a goal, they were surprised by Edison Cavani scored in the 37th minute. Utilizing feedback Javier Pastore, Cavani passed to the upper left corner of goalkeeper Buffon.

    Do not want to give the wind, Palermo kept banging and managed to double the advantage by Fabio Simplicio in the 42nd minute. Utilizing Fabricio Miccoli's free kick, Simplicio away from the off-side trap and passed the ball into the middle of Buffon's goal.

    Shortly before the halftime whistle sounded, Palermo almost added a goal by Miccoli. Unfortunately, its execution from outside the penalty box misses to the left side of the Juventus goal. Before long, the time halftime arrived with the score 2-0 for the excellence of Palermo.

    Entering the second half, Juventus immediately conduct a quick surprise attack. Juventus had almost created a goal by Amauri replies and Christian Poulsen. Unfortunately, because of less calm, kicking two of them deviated from the target.

    However, until the 80th minute, Juventus no longer get the opportunity like that. More than that, their aggressiveness to make the front of goal that Buffon is often empty opponent several times almost scored success in the counterattack.

    In the minute-to-59 and 72, for example, Miccoli and Mark Bresciano of Palermo almost added a goal. Unfortunately, their efforts ran aground in the hands of Buffon.

    Behind two goals, vigorous opponent's attack, and diminish the time of determination and concentration damage Juventus games. This makes Juventus lost in all lines. Furthermore, without opportunities, they also continue to keteteran.

    It is used Palermo to continue to emphasize. Unfortunately, some of them a golden opportunity in the hands of Buffon's mental. Palermo had to be content to end a duel with a 2-0 victory just pocketed.

    Palermo: Sirigu; Bovo, Migliaccio, Kjaer; Bresciano (Nocerino 74), Simplicio, Balzarretti, Cassani, Pastore (Budan 84); Cavani (Goian 77), Miccoli
    Juventus: Buffon; Chiellini, Legrottaglie, Grosso, Zebina (Grygera 75); Melo, Poulsen, Iaquinta, Camoranesi (Trezeguet 69), Diego (De Ceglie 63); Amauri


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