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  • AC Milan 4-3 Cagliari: Positive momentum

    AC Milan continued its positive momentum in the Italian League with three points earned from Cagliari. In a tight fight that took place, the Rossoneri won with a score of 4-3.

    Additional three-point makes Milan managed to poke into the order of two standings with 25 points. But their position is still very vulnerable displaced Juventus, who packed the new 24 numbers and will play morning match against Udinese later. As for Cagliari these results do not change their position in the sequence of eight with 19 points.

    The game is held at the San Siro on Sunday (22/11/2009) took place quite strict. Both teams could be in excellent position although in the end the host rumahlah finally come out as winners.

    This is the third successive victory in Serie A for Il Diavolo Rosso. Actually, they've kicked the positive momentum since beating AS Roma on October 18, past the always victorious until now except the fight against Chievo Verona which ended with a 2-2 draw result.


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