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  • Bayer Leverkusen 4-0 VfB Stuttgart : Kiessling Hattrick

    Stefan Kiessling appear impressive with a hat-trick when Bayer Leverkusen beat VfB Stuttgart 4-0 in the Bundesliga continued at 1 Bay Arena Stadium, Sunday (29/11/2009). The victory brought "Werkself 'reigns again at the top of the Bundesliga standings with 1 more solid position.

    Before the duel, Bayer Leverkusen is ranked second by collecting 27 points. Leverkusen lost only by goal difference with Werder Bremen at the top standings. In the last fight, Bremen failed reign their position after playing only draw with Wolfsburg. Therefore, Leverkusen Stuttgart kill ambition to seize the top of the league.

    Even so, not easy for the host to conquer Stuttgart. Leverkusen had managed to excel thanks to a goal which was created Stefan Kiessling in minute 22. Feedback received from Sami Hypia short, straight off Kiessling could kick anticipated Stuttgart goalkeeper, Jens Lehmann.

    Stuttgart did not give up. They were behind the attack. However, the host only gives them a little chance. Leverkusen back to dominate the attack.

    An attack of the barrage, Lehmann must be willing to accept the harsh reality they conceded another goal. Eren Derdiyok enlarge Leverkusen thanks to a goal advantage is printed in the 39th minute. Toni Kross release cross, headlong Derdiyok, and the ball nestled into the middle of Lehmann's goal. This advantage lasted until the interval.

    In the second half, Leverkusen still dominate the game. Without tired, they continued to threaten the goalkeeper Lehmann. As a result, the third goal was born fourteen minutes later. Again, that makes Kiessling helpless Lehmann. Receive feedback breakthrough Kross, Kiessling hard kick straight off without being able to hold Lehmann.

    Leverkusen did not relax the attacks. They continued to hit the defense Stuttgart. Even so, they can add new features after the late action. In the 87th minute, Leverkusen awarded a penalty after Derdiyok Lehmann was dropped in the penalty box. Kiessling who successfully fulfill the duties executioner. 4-0 score lasted until the fight is over.

    Bayer Leverkusen: Adler, Hypia, Friedrich, Castro (Sarpei 84), Schwaab, Reinartz, Vidal (Bender 84), Kroos, Barnetta, Derdiyok, Kiessling (Helmes 89)

    VfB Stuttgart: Lehmann, Delpierre, Tasci, Boka, Osorio, Rudy, Trasch, Pogrebnyak (Marica 73), Cacau (Schieber 45), Hleb, Gebhart (Hilbert 45)


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