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  • Cagliari 2-0 Juventus: Third defeat

    Juventus failed to increase the numbers in this weekend. A visit to Cagliari, 'Zebra' up 0-2, which also became their third defeat in the 2009/10 season.

    With Juve result stays at two positions standings with 27 points, but their position can be shifted due to AC Milan, who collected 25 new figures will play a fight against Catania, dawn later.

    As for Cagliari this victory as they became the drug of the 3-4 defeat in Milan last weekend. Dessena Alessandro et al now up to rank seventh with 22 points.

    In a fight that was held at the Stadium Saint Elias, Sunday (29/11/2009) , the two winning goals Cagliari produced by Nene and Allesandro Matri.

    Juve had not managed to optimize the control of the ball they have. Soccernet site noted the visitors dominated the action in the ratio of 68:32. But they can only do two shots at goal, while Cagliari do it four times.


    Marchetti, Astori, Lopez, Conti, Agostini, Pisano, Cossu (Parola '72), Lazzari (Dessena '65), Biondini, Jeda, Nene (Matri '61),

    Buffon,Chiellini, Cannavaro, Molinaro (Giovinco '80), Caceres, Sissoko (Tiago '84), Poulsesn, Amauri, Diego, Marchisio (Del Piero '61), Camoranesi


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