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  • Liverpool 2-2 Manchester City: Another draw

    Victory again failed to reach by Liverpool in their action in the English League. Entertain Manchester City at Anfield on Saturday (21/11/2009), the Reds had to settle for a strong play at 2-2.

    This is for the fifth successive time Liverpool failed to win in all competitions after a 2-0 Manchester United dropped the Premiership on 25 October. Since then Steven Gerrard et al swallow two defeats and a draw play three times.

    Additional one point there was little influence Rafael Benitez troop positions in the standings. With 20 points, the Reds are still stuck in seventh position standings, 10 points left over that will entertain Chelsea in a few minutes Wolverhamton forward.

    This result could be a big warning for Liverpool who will undergo the Champions League Matchday V center next week. If you fail to win the trip to Debren, The Kop can eliminate of competition from top European clubs such.

    In front of his own supporters first Liverpool ahead through Martin equated Skertel before Emmanuel Adebayor. Through the City had Stephen Ireland behind despite comparable lead not so long ago by Yossi Benayoun.


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