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  • Manchester United 3-0 Everton: Fletcher cracking finish

    Manchester United to Arsenal while sliding runner-up from the chair. It can happen thanks to a 3-0 victory over the Red Devils Everton, Saturday (21/11/2009) .

    In the action at Old Trafford, Manchester United look to dominate action and more pressing his opponent is. Yet Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen who duet on the front line could not break down a goal the Toffees.

    MU must thankbto the midfielder be relied upon to score goals. Darren Fletcher scored the first goal Chelsea in the first round. Following Michael Carrick and Antonio Valencia in the second half.
    Full point achievement was brought troops 'Dream Theater' trailing Chelsea in second place with 28 points from 13 fight over. Meanwhile, David Moyes foster children are still tied to the sequence of 12 with 15 points from 12 games.


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