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  • Ukraine 0-1 Greece: Suprising through

    Greece managed to secure a ticket in South Africa next year. The condition was created after they managed to bend the Ukraine hosts 1-0.

    Results were also a total aggregate in the first leg after the two teams drew 'glasses.

    This is the first time Greece qualify for the World Cup since 1994, where they managed to secure a ticket to the United States. But then they become month-monthly Group D, as the only team that did not gain points, while the other three to collect six points.

    In a game in the Donbas Arena, Donetsk,Wednesday (18/11/2009) was born of Greek victory Dimitris Salpigidis shot from a distance of eight meters after receiving feedback from Georgios Samaras in the 32nd minute.

    Ukraine actually got a number of opportunities mature. Among them through Andrei Shevchenko who failed to take advantage of a rebound after goalkeeper Alexandros failed Tzorvas Alexander Aliev dismissed the kick perfectly.

    After penetration, the host continued to launch attacks. But the Greek defense look good while Ukraine's is not covered. Their last opportunity through Oleg Gusev still widening.


    Pyatov, Rakits, Kucher, Tymoschuk, Yarmolenko, Shevchenko, Aliyev (Seleznynov '57), Milivkiy (Gai'65), Yeugen, Kobin, Mikhalik (Gai'65)

    Tzorvas, Moras, Spiropulos, Katsouranis, Charisteas (Tziolis '71), Karagounis, Vyntra, Salpingidis, Vyntra, Papastathopoulos (Plitsiakos 29), Kyrgiakos, Samaras (Gekas '62)


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