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  • Atlante FC 1-3 Barcelona: Ibrahimovic curling strikes

    Coming from behind, Barcelona finally emerged as the winner in the semi-final action contra Atlante, Wednesday (16/12/2009) . Scores of El Barca 3-1 with Estudiantes in the party challenging the top.

    Playing in the Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Barca had conceded a goal first by Guilermo Rojas. Before the three goals scored Sergio Busquets, Lionel Messi and Pedro Rodriguez ensure victory for the Catalan team's home.

    Especially for Pedro, a goal that made it a Barca player who can score goals in the event that followed in the season. Pedro had previously scored in La Liga, the King's Cup, Champions League, European Super Cup and Spanish Super.

    These results also make Alzugrana will play in the final phase, Saturday (19/12) to meet the Libertadores champions, Estudiantes, who a day earlier over Pohang Steelers win with a score of 2-1.

    While Atlante will fight for third place with Pohang on the same day.

    Atlante surprise first time winner as the new fight lasted five minutes. Beginning a long ball from goalkeeper Vilar that led to the penalty box and Barca could not properly anticipated by the Barca defender.

    As a result Rojas was able to steal the ball and lob past Victor Valdes. But heading the ball off the pitch but quickly after the ball Rojas and strikes into the empty goal.

    In less than two minutes, Barca threatened directly by Xavi Hernandez's corner kick and was greeted tandukan Puyol. Fortunately Vilar able to save the ball.

    In minute 25, an acceptable Andres Iniesta crossing in front of the penalty box. With one touch of the right foot with his left foot and then he kicked the ball which unfortunately is still hovering over the rule Atlante.

    Barca finally able to equalize in the 35th minute. Starting from the corner which was met Xavi Yaya Toure header and the ball lead to Sergio Busquets. Busquets and was immediately kicked the skin through the net round Atlante.

    Dani Alves almost brought Barca ahead before halftime if his shot in the penalty box after doing the bait one of two with Pedro Rodriguez was sideways on the side of the net Villar. Score is 1-1 with both teams entered the break.

    Messi! Ten minutes later, Argentina's players entered as a substitute. And not a minute in the field, Messi Barca bring back winning 2-1 over the measured kick in the penalty box after a breakthrough Xavi maximize feedback.

    In the 67th minute Barca Pedro became distanced 3-1 advantage. Acceleration begins Iniesta who did stab into the penalty box Atlante. Although surrounded by three other players, Iniesta could still tempt to Pedro who escaped from custody. With easy, Pedro had the ball into the Vilar net.

    Atlante many Barca pressed throughout the fight could steal a chance in the 74th minute. Marquez who lives opposite one on one with Valdes failed to break through the net with Barca after Valdes dismissed ball brilliantly.

    Ibrahimovic curling strikes in the 87th minute off a kick from outside the box curled a penalty that forced Vilar make up brilliant save.

    Team Formation:

    Atlante: Vilar, Martinez, Gonzalez, Navarro, Marquez, Solari (Carevic 56 '), Guerrero, Bermudez, Rojas, Velazquez (Pereyra 63'), Arreola.

    Barcelona: Valdes, Dani Alves, Marquez (Pique 54 '), Puyol, Abidal, Iniesta (Bojan 76'), Xavi, Busquets, Toure Yaya (Messi 54 '), Ibrahimovic, Pedro.


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