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  • Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal: Arshavin stunning finish

    Back to swallow defeat Liverpool in the cage itself. Entertain Arsenal at Anfield on Sunday (13/12/2009) , the Reds could excel it before finally giving up with the score 1-2.

    This is the second defeat in quick succession cage acquired Liverpool. Last weekend Central cs Steven Gerrard was forced to his knees with the same score as host Fiorentina in the Champions League final Matchday.

    These results clearly complicate efforts to Liverpool to get on the board above. Can not at all points, The Kop is still stuck on 7 standings with 24 points, 13 adrift of Chelsea figures who were arrested yesterday in the fight Everton 3-3.

    While for Arsenal, an additional three points back up their positions to three positions standings with a value of 31. In addition to evicted Aston Villa, the Gunners are now just three points adrift with Manchester United in the second position. Arsene Wenger troops also still have one game remaining.

    On its own, winning Liverpool ahead through Dirk Kuyt in the first round. But an own goal Glen Johnson and Andrei Arshavin stunning finish in the second half to change the position to be 2-1 for the visitors.


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