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  • Real Madrid 6-0 Real Zaragoza: Higuain, Van der Vaart Double

    When Barcelona was not playing, Real Madrid rampage. Faced with Real Zaragoza, El Real won with a score of 6-0.

    In the game at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Saturday (19/12/2009), Madrid opened their advantage when the game just three minutes walk. Marcelo breakthrough bait perfectly successfully exploited by the left foot kicking Gonzalo Higuain.

    Twenty-eight minutes of action going, Madrid's 3-0 lead. At minute 26, Rafael van der Vaart who received Marcelo pass off the left foot kick from the left side of the field and tore the nets Zaragoza. Two minutes later, Van der Vaart again repeating the same action, this time by using the feedback Sergio Ramos.

    Higuain fulfill a 4-0 advantage for Madrid on 34 minutes. Kick right foot towards the top right corner of the goal Zaragoza and close the first half with four goals without any benefits back to Madrid.

    In the second half, two additional goals were created by Manuel Pellegrini's squad this direction.

    Cristiano Ronaldo scored participate in the 50th minute. Portugal midfielder is a quiet success utilizing feedback from Ezequiel Garay with a kick left foot.

    Final goal donated by Karim Benzema on 71 minutes. French international striker ball is cheating feedback results from Van der Vaart. Madrid was close fight with a 6-0 victory.

    With this result, Madrid remained in second position standings with 37 values, at variance with the two points differrence with Barcelona - El Barca had just won the World Club Cup. While Zaragoza remain in the order of 18 with a value of 12.


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