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  • Standard Liege 1-1 AZ Alkmaar: When goalkeeper scored

    Scoring goals rather than domination make striker, midfielder or a defender even alone. On Matchday VI, Sinan Bolat follow Hans-Jorg Butt as the goal keeper scored.

    Jorg Butt yesterday led Bayern Munich to win with a resounding 4-1 score when Juventus come to the. The goalkeeper is not only a hero under the crossbar, he's been one goal scorer The Bavarian after executing a penalty that turned a 1-1 position, after David Trezeguet first brought superior host.

    Senior goalkeeper 35-year-old was not the only goalie who can make a vibrating opponent's goal. Dawn was in the fight between Standard Liege counter AZ Alkmaar, a record keeper again called on the scoreboard.

    Although not pass Liege 16 large round, Bolat heroism no less heroic than the action Jorg Butt. Bolat maybe even worse because he made a goal created from his head, went on a free-kick scenario in the last minute of injury time.

    Goals are not only avoid defeat host. The problem with the addition of action points from the 1-1 it berksudahan to avoid Liege caretaker position of Group H and could even overtake Alkmaar to get tickets to the Europa League as the top three occupants.

    "That's something crazy. I still can not believe it. I think if I had a chance and that's why I go. It's pure luck," said Bolat quoted as saying after the game USAToday.

    Jorg Butt did not like that often take the execution of penalties and made herself quite often break down the opponent's goal, scored earlier dawn Bolat is the first in all his professional career. Turkey goalkeeper from 21-year-old's new defense of Liege this season after spending the previous three grazing seasons with Racing Genk.

    Phenomenon goalkeeper scored a goal in the final Champions League Matchday 2009/2010 be an interesting thing in the Juventus side that Liverpool failed to follow through to the big 16.

    Goalie scores a goal clearly is not a new thing in professional football since it began to frequently occur. One of the most famous with the ability to break down the opponent's goal hero, of course, paraguay, Jose Luis Chilavert, reliable execution dead ball through the white point or a free-kick.


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