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  • Sunderland 0-2 Aston Villa: Millner brilliant goal

    James Milner appeared to score a brilliant goal and one assist to lead the victory over Aston Villa 2-0 Sunderland, the Premier League duel continued, Tuesday (15/12/2009) . Thanks to this victory, Villa is ranked third and Arsenal move.

    Since the action was opened, Villa raced straight. They try devastating memporak-Sunderland stronghold. Villa almost time for the match winner just five minutes walk. Stephen Warnock fired hard from outside the penalty box. But unfortunately, the ball was floated over the Sunderland crossbar escorted Márton Fülöp. Eleven minutes later, Stewart Downing's goal threat from free-kick Fülöp. Damn, the ball hit the pole.

    Their efforts were not in vain. Villa superior goals scored thanks to Emile Heskey on 24 minutes. Starting from a counterattack from midfield, James Milner to provide feedback to Heskey breakthrough. Without mercy, and melibasnya direct Heskey scored.

    Host team did not want to lose face attacks attempt to steal control. They have some nice opportunities. However, none of opportunities converted into goals until the break.

    After intermission, Sunderland attacks try to take the initiative. They tried to destroy the defense and the visitors scored a reply. In the 49th minute, Villa almost conceded a goal by aksiAndy Reid. However, the ball still failed to hit the target.

    However, Villa did not allow Sunderland to develop attacks. Sunderland pushed them back. Several opportunities were created. In the 54th minute, Heskey almost double the advantage. Unfortunately, he shot the ball was missed. Two minutes later, Paulo Da Silva opened fire. Lucky, Fülöp be dismissed ball.

    Getting a great onslaught, the net was torn by the action Fülöp Milner on 61 minutes. Penetration, Milner fired a shot into the middle of the goal menerabas Fülöp.

    Do not want to lose the opportunity, Sunderland goal pursuit deficit. Almost produces results in 77 minutes. Receiving cross Reid, Turner gore ball. However, successfully thwarted Brad Friedel.

    Unfortunately, efforts have not produced results, minus one player Sunderland after Lorik Cana had an accumulation of yellow cards in the 78th minute.

    Of course, this becomes a golden opportunity for Villa to increase his goal coffers. They are more violent attack Sunderland defense. Some of the opportunities created. Unfortunately, no one chance can be converted into goals until the long whistle.


    Sunderland: Fülöp, Da Silva, Turner (Mensah 82), McCartney, Nosworthy, Richardson, Cana, Reid, Henderson (Cattermole 71), Jones (Bardsley 82), Bent

    Aston Villa: Fiedel, Dunne, Cuellar, Warnock, Young, Petrov, Milner, Downing, Young, Heskey, Agbonlahor (Sidwell 90)


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