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  • AC Milan 1-1 Livorno: Ambrosini, Lucarelli score

    AC Milan's chances to close the distance with Inter Milan at the top of the league meet with failure, after the counter versus Livorno, Sunday (31/1/2010) , Rossoneri had to settle for sharing the numbers 1-1.

    Serie A game last week to 22 were dihelat in San Siro. Milan was able to excel more in the first half through captain Masimmo Ambrosini scored. Before the end of Livorno in the second half evened the score by Cristiano Lucarelli.

    Balanced results that put Milan in second place with 41 points, the difference of eight points from Inter Milan, who failed to make the game against Parma this evening because of bad weather. The second fashion capital of the original team that has the same amount of action, 21.

    Meanwhile Livorno in the 12th position with 22 points from 22 fight he was playing.

    The game

    Livorno provide early threat in the 12th minute. From a counter-attack, Marko Pieri who got the ball directly toward the ball struck the goal. David Beckham was lucky to quickly block the ball's speed.

    In the 12th minute, Beckham's free-kick almost brought Milan was off the mark if the ball thin on the net.

    In the 36th minute effort Masimmo Ambrosini on the left side Livorno defense completed with feedback to Ronaldinho. Freely without escort, Dinho failed to finish a goal because hit the goalpost.

    One minute late first round ended, the host finally winning 1-0. Sodoran Dinho ball to Beckham who leads directly to a sprint on the right side.

    Crossing was released into the penalty box and out of reach of Francesco Benussi. Ambrosini coolly converts it into a goal.

    Five minutes after the restart, Klaas Jan Huntelaar who entered as a substitute failed to complete a golden opportunity after crossing Luca Antonini header was greeted by the stray Benussi goal.

    Milan forget the fun attacking defense. At the 53 minute offside trap to put the Milan defender capable destroyed by Cristiano Lucarelli and strikes with a direct kick into the net measured Abbiati.

    In the 66th minute Beckham cross off towards the penalty box and Ambrosini who continued to headed still denied by Benussi.

    And two minutes later Milan foil Benussi back to score a goal after the kick to punch the ball from close range Huntelaar.

    Dinho doing acceleration on the left side of the defense of Livorno on 70 minutes. An appeal was sent to feed a dangerous area of Livorno and Beckham kicked the ball but a defender Livorno swiftly swept ball right at the goal line.

    In less than a minute, Milan again bombarded the visitors, but goalkeeper Benussi back with a brilliant goal of securing Huntelaaar header.


    Milan: Abbiati, Abate, Thiago Silva, Favalli, Antonini, Flamini (Inzaghi 78 '), Ambrosini, Seedorf, Beckham, Ronaldinho, Boriello (Huntelaar 45')

    Livorno: Benussi, Perticone, Rivas, Knezevic, Raimondi, Pulzetti (Marchini 68 '), Pieri, Bergvold (Moro 60'), Filippini, Lucarelli, Bellucci (Tavan)


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