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  • AS Roma 1-0 Chievo: De Rossi strikes

    AS Roma climbed to fourth position of the standings thanks to 1-0 victory over Chievo, while completing action and minus one player failed to take advantage of one penalty. Daniele De Rossi strikes, but Luca Toni's performance can also be appreciated.

    In Tony's first appearance as a starter - Toni has played a substitute when Rome was arrested by 2-2 Cagliari - Italy striker had succeeded in creating several opportunities to make goals to opponent's goal.

    Goal Rome only to the Chievo goal in a game, Saturday (09/1/2010) , was not separated from Toni's performance that started the process of the birth of the goal.

    Naturally, then if the fans at the Stadio Olimpico Rome applauded for Toni when he was replaced a few minutes before the match finished, though he did not make a goal.

    Rome itself ahead quickly when a new game begins. But the advantage was almost dispersed after the 11 minutes they had to lose , because Doni was sent-off.

    With this victory, Rome for a while up one position to number four with the ladder 32 points from 19 fight results. Rome could go back down the rankings because of the new Naples shifted yet to play the game.

    Roma: Doni; Cassetti, Burdisso, Juan, Riise; De Rossi (Brighi 64), Pizarro; Taddei, Perrotta, Vucinic (Lobont 12); Toni (Baptista 81)

    Chievo: Sorrentino; Frey, Mandelli (Marcolini 73), Yepes, Mantovani; Bentivoglio, Rigoni (Luciano 58), Ariatti; Pinzi; Abbruscato, Bogdani (Granoche 70)


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