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  • Bologna 2-2 Atalanta: Di Vaio double

    Bologna was forced to play entertaining draw at Atalanta in the Italian League continued. Had two-goal lead through Marco Di Vaio, Rossoblu held 2-2.

    Compete in front of his own supporters, Stadio Renato Dall'Ara, Wednesday (20/1/2010) , Bologna opened advantage when entering the fight 19 minutes. Striker geeks, Divaio, inflame the host fans with goals made.

    Italy squad Franco Colomba change the position to be 2-0 before the break. Precisely at 34 minutes to break down the goal Divaio return visitors.

    However, these advantages could be maintained Bologna. Three minutes after the second goal Divaio, Atalanta managed to minimize the miss by Thomas Manfredini. Score was changed to 2-1 for the host.

    Ernesto Chevanton into a nightmare of Bologna victory dispelled. The successful striker scored the ball into the goal during action in 60 minutes. 2-2 score lasted until the final whistle sounded the referee.

    In another match held at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris, Genoa also failed to take advantage playing at home. Entertain Lecce, Marco Rossi et al drawed by guest 1-1.

    Barreto host surprising when he scored a quick goal in the fourth minute. Omar Milanetto to rescue his team by scoring in 53 minutes .

    Two of those games had little effect on the standings list. With Bari 29 points up one rank to ninth position, so the Genoese were rising one strip to the ladder 11.

    While Atalanta could not get out of the relegation zone because they still survive in the order of 18, while the Bologna right in the top by collecting 20 points.


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