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  • Chievo 1-0 Juventus: Seventh defeat

    Juventus defeat back in Serie A after the end of last week's 0-3 AC Milan humiliated. Chievo Verona 0-1 bent, 'Old Lady' also have stepped down from the big three.

    It was the seventh defeat Juve in this season, which is the largest number of teams in the top six positions. These results further destabilize the seat of the coach Ciro Ferrara previously been quite 'hot'.

    Without adding a number, Juve also have stepped down one level from the three positions they had occupied since the last few weeks. There are also Roma who at the same time have the right to overthrow Genoa 3-0 into three major and two points ahead of the Bianconeri.

    In a fight that was held at the Stadio Marc `Antonio Bentegodi, Sunday (17/1/2010) is Gianluigi Buffon made his comeback after missing the past since mid-December because of knee surgery.

    The game

    The game begins with the tempo mediocrity. Both teams are still looking to explore the gap to dismantle opponents defense.

    Juve left back Fabio Grosso made the shock therapy in the second minute with a shot off the left foot from outside the penalty box. But the ball can still saved by goalkeeper Steffano Sorrentino.

    Chievo are looking hard into the heart of Juve defense release direct kick a lot of speculation over long distances. Kick right leg Luca Rigoni from outside the penalty box almost nyemplung to Gigi Buffon's goal, if not slightly off to the left in 27 minutes.

    But the same thing does not happen five minutes later. Gennaro Sardo kick the field a quarter of the Juve defense which leads to the lower left corner of the nest in the visitors goal. Score 1-0.

    At the end of the first half Juve could have a chance of shooting twice Grosso is still blocked by Sorrentino.

    Game in the second round more 'boring'. Chievo are already superior defense chose to close the meetings, while Juve failed to unpack.


    Sorrentino, Yepes, Mandelli, Riqoni, Mantovani, Sardo, Pinzi, Marcollini, Luciano, Abbruscato, Sardo (Frey '83) Granoche (Ariatti 86)

    Buffon, Chiellini, Grosso, (Salihamidzic 58) Cannavaro, Melo Grossi, Grygera (Zebina '30), Diego, De Ceglie, Marchisio (Immobile '83), Del Piero,


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