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  • Hamburg 1-1 Wolfsburg: Dzeko great finish

    Hamburg survived thanks to a goal of losing 1-1 equalizing positions from Piotr Trochowski scored during injury time, in advanced Bundesliga, at HSH Nordbank Arena, Friday (29/1/2010). This is a failure to win a seventh successive Wolfsburg recorded.

    Playing at home against, Wolfsburg had stressed in the early rounds. During the first 20 minutes, they failed to carry out the attack and had threatened twice conceded. Fortunately, goalkeeper Andre Lenz managed to secure a pair of host chances, each of which was created by Tomas Rincon and Marcus Berg.

    After 20 minutes, Wolfsburg began to follow the opponent's game. Though still depressed and threatened, but Wolfsburg able to provide resistance and the threat of goals.

    In minute 22, for example, Christian Gentner, had welcomed feedback Dzeko outside Hamburg penalty box and immediately sent the ball into the goalkeeper Frank Rost. Unfortunately, the effort could still be resisted Rost.

    After that, Wolfsburg almost no chance of good, until the creation of goals Dzeko in minute 34. Utilizing feedback Sascha Riether, Dzeko who stood in the middle of the penalty box, kicked the ball into the right corner of the goal Rost.

    Wolfsburg game changed for the better after that. Despite still having trouble creating chances, at least they can reduce the pressure opponents. However, these improvements do not make the position 1-0 for the visitors changed when halftime whistle.

    Entering the second half, Hamburg took the initiative and be able to attack urgent Wolfsburg game. Fortunately, the line Wolfsburg defender and goalkeeper Lenz able to keep their goal intact.

    In the middle of rush pressure Hamburg, Wolfsburg had the opportunity slip through Makoto Hasebe scored in minute 69. However, long-range kick and blocked by Hasebe readable by Rost. Entering the 75th minute, the game started to walk a lot. While increasingly insistent attack Hamburg, Wolfsburg, instead trying to maintain position.

    Entered a period of injury time, the game had not changed much and the position 1-0 to Wolfsburg, will last until the end. However, just before the long whistle, Hamburg equalized through Trochowski. It is believed to take a free kick, Trochowski sent a ball into the top left corner of the goal Wolfsburg. Score became 1-1, and lasted until the end of the fight.

    Throughout the game recorded, Hamburg had the ball for 70 percent and created nine shots on goal from 21 businesses. Wolfsburg itself can only make three golden opportunities of the nine experiments.

    With these results, held in Hamburg ranked fifth with 35 points, or lose six points from Bayer Leverkusen at the top of the league. Meanwhile, with 25 points, Wolfsburg was moved from tenth position.


    Hamburg: Rost; Mathijsen, Rozehnal, Aogo, Boateng (Demel 78); Jarolim (Trochowski 78), Rincon, Jansen, Elijah; Berg (Pitroipa 78), Patric

    Wolfsburg: Lenz; Barzagli, Madlung, Schafer, Riether; Madlung, Misimovic (Dejagah 85), Gentner, Hasebe; Dzeko, Grafite


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