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  • Juventus 1-2 AS Roma: Totti, Riise enchanting

    Juventus bad trend continues. Roma entertain, 'Old Lady' who played 10 men after Gianluigi Buffon was issued, which was humiliated 1-2 in the eighth defeat this season.

    With this result Juve remain in the order of five standings with 33 points. They might even be overtaken by Palermo that left only two points and not takes action this weekend.

    As for Rome, is an additional three points to make them more firmly in the top three with 38 piin of 21 action, winning four points from Napoli, just below them. Lupi il also managed to extend the record into unbeaten run 11 times.

    This is the fifth Juve defear from last six games. Position coach Ciro Ferrara could be getting warmer, or even removed even at the end of last week he was still 'safe' because Juve officials chose patient.

    In a match that was held at the Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino, Saturday (23/1/2010) , Juve reinforced by Momo Sissoko who previously absent for defending Mali in African Cup mat and Amauri also had fit.

    While Rome also received an injection of strength with the return of Francesco Totti, who was sitting on the bench. The captain since December 20 due to a knee injury.

    Juve is the first winner Alessandro Del Piero. But the Romans managed to equalize through a penalty Francesco Totti. After Buffon sent-off in 83 minutes, the visitors free to attack and managed to reverse the situation through John Arne Riise.

    The game

    Only eight minutes a game walking the Roman camp was created anxiety. Not because the attacks made Juve but Luca Toni because of injury since the third minute and could not continue the game.

    Totti who is ready on the bench come forward to replace Toni. Supporting the visitors seemed keen to see Totti back to grazing.

    Juve are playing in front of the public itself is more superior in ball control in the early fight, but the Romans who first got the chance mature.

    Take advantage of feedback from David Pizzaro, David Pizzaro who are narrow angle far right side of the Juve penalty box, kick off the left leg is still thin distorted. This opportunity was a surprise that Juve weak defend, always swallowing seven goals in his last fight.

    Juve strike back. Through cooperation between Diego and neat Marchsio, Grosso is located on the left side outside the release bait into the heart of the defense matures Rome. Free-standing Amauri gore ball confidently but still widening.

    Likewise with the opportunity to get Del Piero in the 38th minute. Juve's senior players header are still sideways, though it was just standing dead ball to meet the feedback from Diego.

    The age of six minutes the second half, Olimpico Turin rumbled. Del Piero in the narrow corner of the penalty box right Rome, horizontal kick off the left leg that failed to reach Julio Sergio.

    Rome left then raise the volume of attacks. Speculation Beberpa kick from outside the penalty box from John Arne Riise and Pizarro still be countered by Buffon.

    Disastrous for Juve happened in minute 68. Fabio Grosso do Rodrigo Taddei violation of the forbidden fruit in the box tendagan penalty for Roma.

    Totti is a regular executioner white dots from Rome came forward. He calmly directed the kick off to the lower left corner and failed to reach Buffon.

    At 83 minutes, Juve have to play with 10 men after Buffon got a red card. Starting from attacks launched through Rome, Riise who was running alone a Dachshund from Buffon. Referee Paolo was presented Tagliavento Italian international goalkeeper's red card.

    And Riise had to be disastrous for Juve in injury team. Taking advantage of Pizarro cross, he conquered the ball to Alexander Manninger new entrants to fill the place left by Buffon.


    Juventus: Buffon; Grygera (Candreva 76), Legrottaglie, Chiellini, Grosso; Salihamidzic, Sissoko, Marchisio; Diego; Del Piero, Amauri (Paolucci 90)

    Roma: Julio Sergio, Cassetti, Burdisso, Juan, Riise; Pizarro, De Rossi; Taddei, Perrotta, Vucinic; Toni (Totti 8)


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