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  • Valencia 1-0 Espanyol: Zigic new year gift

    Valencia midfielder, Nikola Zigic, giving new year gifts to his team a third position Primera Division standings, scored the winning goal after Espanyol 1-0 on Saturday (2/1/2010). Valencia are now collecting 32 points, or still lost seven points from Barcelona at the top of the league.

    Zigic need to struggle hard to present these gifts in the second half of the initial action Prima Division, 2009-2010. The reason, he had lowered in 64 minutes. That happened after Valencia difficulties overcome Espanyol aggressiveness and militancy, especially in the first round.

    In the third minute for example, Valencia was almost left behind, following the efforts Javi Márquez Luis Garcia fired a bait. Fortunately, Cesar managed to secure the hard kick from outside the penalty box.

    Valencia have not made the threat in return, while Javi Marquez Cesar returned to threaten the goal in minute 26 and the k3-31. However, the second shot that is released from outside the penalty box can still be secured Cesar.

    Entering the 40th minute, Valencia Espanyol managed to reduce aggressiveness and able to create a golden opportunity through David Villa and Juan's eyes. Unfortunately, although able to maintain the position until halftime, none of their efforts led to goals.

    Still, seeing his tactics worked, Valencia tried to continue in the second round. Apparently, the game within a short feedback quickly able to turn off the creation Espanyol attack. In addition, Valencia is also able to create goal chances through David Villa and Jordi Alba. Unfortunately, performance under rule Kameni Espanyol, still more powerful than the two businesses.

    In the midst of pressure Valencia, Espanyol managed to steal an attack that almost led to excellence in minutes Jose Callejon. Again, Callejon shot from outside the penalty box that could be arrested Cesar.

    The absence of goals and getting thin when making both camps began to decrease due to explore other attack attempts. However, the result, the game even more tough walk because both sides are equally insistent control midfield.

    In the middle of that impasse, Valencia managed to break the deadlock and lead 1-0 through Nicola Zigic scored during injury time. At that time, in a counter-attack, Zigic had gore Joaquin bait into the bottom right corner of goalkeeper Kameni. This advantage lasted until the end of the fight.

    Throughout the match, Valencia recorded a mastery of the ball for 54 percent and managed to get eight shots on goal from 17 businesses. Meanwhile, Espanyol itself capable of removing three serious threat to the Valencia goal of the eleven experiments.


    Valencia: Cesar; Alexis, Navarro, Bruni, Miguel; Banega (Manuel Fernandez 74), Albelda (Marchena 80), Alba (Zigic 64), Joaquin; Silva; Villa

    Espanyol: Kameni; Forlin, Pareja, Torres, Roncaglia, Chica Torres; Sebastian Marquez, Hurtado, Coro (Nakamura 61), Garcia; Verdu (PIllud 79); Callejon (Pedraza 90)


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