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  • AC Milan 3-1 Atalanta: Pato Double

    AC Milan continue to put pressure on Inter Milan at the top of the league. Through donated two goals Alexandre Pato, Diavolo Rosso lowered Atalanta 3-1 in the match in San Siro on Sunday (28.2.2010).

    Two goals scored by Pato each created in the 30 and 41 minutes the first half, with one additional goal from Marco Borriello in 61 minutes. While the team scored only guest puppet scored by Jaime Valdes Zapata in 56 minutes.

    This is the fourth victory in succession in Milan Italian League. Set of results allows students Leonardo order to strengthen its position in the standings with a total of two points earned amounted to 54.

    Despite win, the distance with Inter Milan at the top positions are still at odds of four digits. You see, in another fight at the same time, the Nerazzurri are also reaching the maximum results with defeat Udinese 3-2

    The game

    That Atalanta who started the fight by convincing them immediately yanked from the right side when the kick Jaime Valdes Zapata was deviating from the target.

    Milan had returned to spread threats as David Beckham corner kick in the face of the heat delivery Atalanta goal in minute 23. An acrobatic kick Ronaldinho almost use the chaos to change the position of the ball's speed if not intercepted goalkeeper Andrea Consigli.

    After Marco Borriello failed strike the ball from close range, Milan finally opened excellence in minute 30 through Pato. Ronaldinho assist this goal when he controlled the ball with his chest on the left side of the field and release the bait backheel on Massimo Ambrosini, by chance the captain steered the ball into the Pato. Brazilian striker kicking it into changing the position 1-0.

    Superiority of one more goal to Milan to dominate the game. Leonardo students continued to press his guest and forced to play on half the field. The condition is finally bearing fruit during the first half four minutes remaining, Pato Milan scored their second goal.

    The second goal 'The Duck' came just four minutes before halftime. Again Ronaldinho who masterminded the creation of this goal when he sent the ball into the far goal post Atalanta. Pato who escaped the offside trap successfully deceiving goalkeeper Manfredini and strikes the ball into the goal.

    Three minutes of the second half started Dinho back creates a chance. But this time due to endless soccer goals that he shift gears into the middle of the penalty box did not meet one colleague.

    Still continued to press, Diavolo Rosso just missed a goal in minute 56. Valdes is the zoom position to be 1-2 when he managed to outwit the three players behind the ball strike Milan and Christian Abbiati into the goal.

    But Atalanta hope to be able to direct equalized for Milan lost again maintain excellence with the third goal at minute 61. These goals stems from violation of Daniele Bonera. But the prize is awarded penalty referee wasted Ronaldinho, advanced as the executor Consigli his strikes successfully blocked.

    But Milan still managed to score a goal from a series of events because Borriello reacts quickly grabbed the leather scored round and into the goal.

    Twelve minutes before the dispersal Atalanta have a chance again to add his goal. But Ferreira Pinto free-kick failed to be touched by the many players who gathered in front of Milan's goal. Abbiati barely even deceived himself with the ball, although the process is not to break down the Milan goal.

    Bad news came for the host. Not because goals are nesting in their goal, but injuries hit Pato. The Brazilian striker seemed to have problems with his hamstring and had pulled out and replaced by Ignazio Abate.

    At the end of the fight ahead of Milan began to loosen the pressure. This makes Atalanta could develop games and could force the ups and downs securing Abiatti goal in 87 minutes. But the fight until the end, the score stayed 3-1 digits.


    Milan: Abbiati; Bonera, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Jankulovski; Beckham, Pirlo, Ambrosini (Gattuso 66); Pato (Abate 80) Borriello (74 Huntelaar), Ronaldinho

    Atalanta: Consigli; Garics, Bianco, Manfredini, Bellini; Ferreira Pinto (Ceravolo 42), De Ascentis (Volpi 67), Padoin, Valdes, Doni; Tiribocchi (Chevanton 76)


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