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  • AC Milan 3-2 Udinese: Huntelaar double

    AC Milan ended the fast by overcoming Udinese win 3-2. Two Rossnerri winning goal by Klaas Jan Huntelaar. These results bring Milan rose to the position of runner-up standings.

    Milan against Udinese at San Siro on Friday (12/2/2010) . In addition to two goals from Huntelaar, Milan goalkeeper tore through the Friuli forces Alexandre Pato. While scoring Udinese booked through Floro Flores and Antonio Di Natale.

    This is the first victory Il Diavolo Rosso in four of their last official party.

    Additional three-digit Leonardo bring troops up to the second rank. With 45 points, Milan are a point ahead of AS Roma and the remaining eight digits of capolista Inter Milan.

    Meanwhile Udinese's position has not changed that in the 15th position with 24 points.

    Match path

    After aside long enough due to injury, coach Milan Alessandro Nesta Leonardo display as starter.

    On seven minutes, the scoreboard at the San Siro Stadium turned into a 1-0 advantage for the Rossoneri. There is also a goal printed Klaas Jan Huntelaar who use bait Ronaldinho.

    Three minutes later, bring threats behind Udinese. Milan goalkeeper, Dida had failed to anticipate the feedback from Isla. But the next ball is received Antonio Di Natale Italian striker failed to use it to rip Milan goal.

    Entering the 13th minute, Leonardo made a substitution. Mancini who was troubled with the condition is replaced by Alexandre Pato.

    "The Duck", also stepped aside long enough to show injury has not lost yield. Six minutes before the break, Pato doubled Milan's advantage.

    This goal re-started from Ronaldinho posed ball. Next Pato made deceptive movement Udinese goalkeeper Samir Handanovic before strikes the ball.

    In the first half injury time, the visitors out through Floro Flores position that welcomes feedback from Di Natale.

    Huntelaar to prove himself worthy of trust. Second half 12 minutes, Dutch players were back tore Udinese goal.

    Ronaldinho back gave birth to the birth of this goal. R80 failed free-kick well swept by Coda and the ball fell to Huntelaar. The Hunter then finish with the execution of the attack that brought the third goal Milan.

    A quarter of an hour before dispersal, a breakthrough again Dinho almost tore Udinese goal. Brazilian soccer player feedback was greeted with Genarro Gattuso kick which was perceived by Handanovic.

    86 minutes, Handanovic action kicks off foil Pato.

    Three minutes before dispersal, Di Natale players who take advantage of lax Milan goalkeeper Dida managed to vibrate. Italy's players scored the last in this fight.


    Milan: Dida; Abate, Nesta, Thiago Silva (Bonera 40 '), Favalli, Gattuso, Pirlo, Ambrosini, Mancini (Pato 13'), Huntelaar, Ronaldinho (Beckham 77 ')

    Udinese: Handanovic; Isla (Lodi, 60 '), Zapata, Coda, Pasquale, Sammarco (Pepe 72'), Asamoah, Inler, Sanchez, Floro Flores (Geljo 72 '), Di Natale


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