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  • Fiorentina 1-2 AC Milan: Gilardino,Huntellar,Pato score

    AC Milan regained the position two Italian league standings. Time to first left, behind the Rossoneri beat Fiorentina with the score 2-1 through Klas-Jaan Huntelaar and Alexandre Pato.

    Compete at the Stadio Artemio Franchi, Wednesday (24/2/2010) , Milan performed poorly in the first round, something which makes them first left through Alberto Gilardino in the 14th minute. But Rossoneri finally able to secure the remains of three points after Huntelaar equalized on 81 minutes and Pato ensure victory in 90 minutes.

    Additional three-point boost Milan back into second position of the league, Roma shifts. Not only that, the victory over La Viola are also increasingly pressing distance Diavolo Rosso with Inter Milan at the top.

    Total number collected Milan is now 51, winning two of Rome which is below. While with the Nerazzurri, there is a distance of four points. All three occupants top clubs are now both have take 25 games.

    Create host, failed to get the numbers do not affect any of their positions in the standings ladder. Collected 34 points, Fiorentina 10 fixed in position.

    Match path

    Living a delay action which was originally held on December 19 last, first Milan cause problems at the Fiorentina back while Andrea Pirlo kicking from the turmoil that brought a corner kick was missed from the target.

    Soon turns Cristian Abbiati made wary when he had to face Gilardino header. But not until the event ends at the goal for the round leather can read well by the Rossoneri's second goalkeeper.

    After Marco Borriello a mental kick out of the park as a defender against the opponent, La Viola finally opened excellence in minute 14. Gilardino's goal to break his club's former mandarins close range after he got the ball from Juan Manuel Vargas.

    Milan tried to respond through a Ronaldinho free kick, but Sebastian Frey with a swift punch the ball before it could headlong Thiago Silva. On another occasion Milan almost conceded a second time when a ball secures the right Abbiati's goal underlined the kick Riccardo Montolivo.

    Leonardo was forced to make unscheduled changes when Massimo Ambrosini were injured, the captain was replaced Mathieu Flamini. Substitution is not at all change the game poorly performing Milan in the first half of this.

    Before halftime Gilardino scored his second goal almost if not prevented Alessandro Nesta spurn the Italian international striker toward the empty goal.

    Trying to catch up, trying to appear aggressive Milan in the second half. Through penetration Pato on the right side of the visitors almost equalized if the proffered bait arch Brazilian striker was not in a row failed to grasp Pirlo and Borriello.

    A minute ago Pato again have a chance to make a goal, but toward the pole sepakannya near misses the mark. Although much emphasis on the opponent's defense, Milan's overall appearance has not much improved compared to the first half following a number of feedback and the movement of obscure players.

    Result in 70 minutes Abbiati almost conceded a goal back. Escaped the offside trap, Marco Marchionni failed to remove the bait on having Keirrison Abbiati punched. Zanetti Cristinao almost snatched the ball into the goal if Flamini not firstly kicked away.

    Never make goals, Leonardo took Gennaro Gattuso and replaced by Huntelaar in the 77th minute. This decision proved to be very precise because four minutes later the Dutch player was thrilling goal Fiorentina and change the position to be 1-1.

    Cooperating one-two with Ronaldinho on the edge of the penalty box, Huntelaar directing the ball into the pole and failed driven by Frey.

    In the balanced condition turns pressing Fiorentina. Two host kesepatan owned by Ricardo Montolivo penalty claim when Silva violated the forbidden box and curved kick Vargas Milan player was hit and flew into the net.

    Disaster for Fiorentina came in the second minute of injury time. Again and again through the creation of Ronaldinho, Milan managed to score a goal. Individual action on the left side of the field, Dinho release bait into the middle of the penalty box failed brushed Borriello. But do not waste the opportunity Pato with strike the ball into the goal.


    Fiorentina: Frey; De Silvestri, Krøldrup, Natali (Gobbi 46), Felipe; Montolivo, Donadel, Vargas; Marchionni, Jovetic (Zanetti 59); Gilardino (Keirrison 62)

    Milan: Abbiati; Abate, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Bonera (Jankulovski 65), Gattuso (Huntelaar 76), Pirlo, Ambrosini (Flamini 32); Pato, Borriello, Ronaldinho


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