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  • Hull City 1-1 Chelsea: Drogba great free-kick

    Chelsea pick one point from the visit to Hull City headquarters. Coming from behind 0-1 in advance, Didier Drogba to rescue the Blue with scoring equalizing goal.

    In the game in Kingston Communications, Tuesday (2/2/2010) , Hull led by Steven Mouyokolo goals in the 30th minute. Didier Drobga great free-kick three minutes before the break to save the Blues from defeat.

    Additional one point bringing the fleet Stamford Bridge remained in top position with 55 points, and slightly away from the pursuit Manchester United with a difference of two numbers.

    Meanwhile, Hull still had not moved from the relegation zone.

    Match path

    Driven by Stephen Hunt, Jozy Altidore, and Craig Fagan, Hull took the initiative to attack once the game started. Several times a successful host defense trouble Si Blue. But there is no significant threat that led to Peter Cech's goal.

    The first ripe opportunity belongs to Chelsea. In the eighth minute, Frank Lampard hard kick in from outside the penalty box by goalkeeper could ditepis Boaz Myhill.

    A quarter of an hour ago, Hull opened fire on his visitor's goal. Yet Hunt still kick went wide of the target.

    25th minute, Ballack welcomes cross ball from Branislav Ivanovic. But the header from the German players right in the catch Myhill.

    A half hour walk game, the scoreboard changed to 1-0 for excellence Hull. Starting from Hunt's corner kick, the ball by defender Steven headlong hereinafter Mouyokolo ripped Petr Cech's goal. This is the first goal for the Tigers Mouyokolo.

    Behind one goal, the troops tried to reply to Carlo Ancelotti. Spurn Frank Lampard and Deco in the final ten minutes of the first half, still could be saved by Myhill.

    Goal replies The Blues were born in the 42nd minute through a Didier Drogba free-kick. Spurn the Ivory Coast player is through the lower left corner of the Hull goal. There were also awarded a free kick before Nicolas Anelka after being violated.

    Two second-half minutes to walk, Hull threats launched directly. Starting from Hunt's free kick, the ball led to Altidore. But Altidore header still right in the catch Cech. Meanwhile, Tom Cairney kick a minute later still soar.

    Opportunities for Chelsea is again present in minute 50. Hard kick Branislav Ivanovic could still be defeated Myhill. The ball then fell to Ballack. This German player then passes towards Lampard, who stood outside the penalty box. But Lampard is still soaring execution.

    Seven minutes later, Myhill back performance capabilities. 27-year-old goalkeeper twice thwart this invasion presented Chelsea Malouda and Lampard.

    Six minutes before dispersal, chance through Ashley Cole, Chelsea still failed to rip the nets Myhill. Similarly tandukan John Terry is still rising. Sturridge strikes in injury time brilliantly saved by Myhill, dispelled Chelsea hope to bring home the full point.

    1-1 score lasted until the action is closed.


    Hull: Myhill; Gardner, Mouyokolo, Dawson, McShane (Zayate 89 '), Cairney, Boateng, Hunt, Fagan, Altidore (Kilbane 85'), Vennegoor (Zaki 65 ')

    Chelsea: Cech; Terry, Carvalho, Zhirkov (A. Cole 80 '), Abidal, Deco, Ballack (Joe Cole 72'), Malouda, Lampard, Drogba, Anelka (Sturridge 80 ')


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