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  • Livorno 1-1 Juventus: New strategy not work

    Remedy coach Alberto Zaccheroni apparently not able to generate Juventus. Facing host Livorno, 'The Old Lady' to be satisfied with the result 1-1.

    Playing at the Stadio Armando Picchi, Saturday (6/2/2010), held Zaccheroni new strategy for Juve. Zaccheroni strategies that rely on 3-4-3, try performed with slight modifications to 3-4-1-2.

    But the old strategy apparently as newer style but it was not powerful Zaccheroni. First left Juve goal by Antonio Filippini. Goal replies guest team then created thanks to the efforts of Nicola Legrottaglie.

    Juventus even have to play with 10 people by the end of the match. Felipe Melo is a prisoner because the received two yellow cards against an opponent in 83 minutes.

    Juve are playing awkward with the new formation, was surprised by Livorno goal in minute 26. Grabbed Luigi Vitale's cross from the left wing, Antonio Filippini ball into Gianluigi Buffon's goal.

    Stung by Livorno goal, Juve began to close ranks. The result, three minutes before halftime, went on Legrottaglie header utilizing Diego's free kick goal to fruition replies. Score is now 1-1.

    Third minute second half, Juve picking opportunities to reverse the situation. But Antonio Candreva shot from outside the penalty box can be saved by Livorno goalkeeper, Rubinho.

    After that, both teams failed to grow and create opportunities. A last chance came from Livorno in the 90th minute when +5 Davide Marchini kick wide on the left of goalkeeper Buffon.

    These results make Zaccheroni still failed to offer the party a victory in the two Juve deal. In his debut fight last week, a la Juve Zac arrested Mr. Lazio 1-1.

    In the league, Juve displaced to rank sixth by Palermo. With a collection of 35 numbers, Alessandro Del Piero cs two points behind the previous strand Palermo Parma 2-1.

    Livorno: Rubinho; Knezevic, Diniz, Perticone; A. Filippini Pulzetti (Moro 81); Raimondi (Marchini 60), Mozart, Vitale; Lucarelli, Bellucci (In Gennaro 86)

    Juventus: Buffon; Legrottaglie, Chiellini, Cannavaro (Zebina 51); Melo, Caceres, Candreva, Grosso (De Ceglie 75); Diego; Amauri, Del Piero (Giandonato 84)


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