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  • Werder Bremen 2-1 Hertha Berlin: Pizzaro winning strikes

    Werder Bremen defeat Hertha Berlin 2-1 in Bundesliga duel continued, in Weserstadion, Friday (5/2/2010). These results make Hertha Berlin suspended in ranked 18th with eleven points, or lost seven points from safety zone.

    Hertha Berlin should be disappointed with the result. Opponent's playing at home, despite the difficulties to build an attack, they were able to trouble the Bremen with solid defense. The result, though failing to score the opportunity, they were able to force the appearance Bremen dominant and aggressive to close the first half with a score of 0-0.

    In the second half, Hertha Berlin are still focused on the effort to avoid penetration. However, at minute 66, the rear guard in the Mesut Özil, so goalkeeper Jaroslav Drobny defeated. Utilizing a ball threw up results that blocked his own shot Drobny, Özil sent the ball into the bottom left şudur Hertha Berlin goalkeeper.

    Unexpectedly, Hertha Berlin responded that goal by building a quick attack, which led to a goal without unstoppable equalizing position of the foot Theofanis Ghekas at minute 68. Utilizing wild ball in the penalty box, Ghekas strikes the ball into the middle of Tim Wiese's goal.

    Unfortunately, after that goal, Hertha Berlin again put the defensive. Bremen also use this to return to the intensive pressure, which resulted goals from Claudio Pizarro feet in 81 minutes.

    As before, Hertha Berlin, trying to equalize with quick attacks. However, Bremen able to anticipate well. Despite failing to add a goal, at least they did not lose a full point.

    Throughout the fight, Bremen recorded had the ball for 61 percent and made seven golden opportunity from 17 efforts. Meanwhile, Hertha Berlin could just slip two shots on goal from six attempts.

    Bremen: Wiese; Pasanen, Naldo, Mertesacker, Fritz; Frings; Hunt, Niemayer (Almeida 60); Özil (Rosenberg 90); Marin (Borowski 84), Pizarro
    Berlin: Drobny; Kobiashvili, Von Bergen, Friedrich, Piszczek; Raffael (Domovchiyski 85), Cicero, Lustenberger, Kringe; Ramos, Gekas


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