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  • Almeria 2-2 Barcelona: Messi double, Ibrahimovic sent-off

    Barcelona striker Lionel Messi, who scored his goals could be forced to make his team a 2-2 draw until the end of the first round duel against Almeria, Primera Division, at Mediterraneo Stadium, Saturday (6/3/2010).

    Coming to Almeria, Barcelona is still haunted by fear. Line behind because they still porous Sydou Eric Abidal Keita and wound injury. Gerrard Pique was absent because of the ban still serving his sentence appeared. Coach Josep Guardiola chose Gabriel Milito Pique occupy the post.

    However, Barca do not give a damn. They immediately performed by relying trisluanya stomping, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimoc, and Pedro.

    Andres Iniesta created the first chance for Barcelona in the second minute. Starting from the right sector, Messi pass the ball to Iniesta. Unfortunately, the goal is still safe because Almeria Iniesta stray gunfire. Five minutes later, Messi again threatened. He matured to mengrim Xavi bait. But this time Almeria goalkeeper Diego Alves, still spry to tame shot Xavi.

    Unfortunately, the saaat yet fruitless efforts, they conceded a first Barcelona through Cisma Domingo action on 12 minutes. Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes, can not help who successful tandukan Cisma maximize cross HernĂ¡n Bernardello corner of football.

    Barca immediately increased the intensity of his attacks. They kept trying to find scoring opportunities. This condition makes more Almeria survive. This makes little difficulty Guardiola troops to score. Moreover, Alves tough enough under the rule to kick denied Pedro Rodriguez, Ibra, and Messi.

    However, Barca finally managed to score a goal by Lionel Messi free-kick on 42 minutes. Score 1-1 until halftime.

    Ibrahimovic sent-off elbowed Almeria player. And Messi scores double to final score 2-2.

    Almeria: Alves; Chico, Pellerano, Guilherme, Domingo; Bernadello, M'Bami; Piatti, Soriano, Crusat, Ortiz
    Barcelona: Valdes, Milito, Puyol, Maxwell, Alves; Toure, Iniesta, Xavi; Pedro, Ibrahimovic, Messi


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