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  • Arsenal 2-2 Barcelona: Ibrahimovic terrific double, Puyol sent-off

    Arsenal, who had left behind two goals from Barcelona finally able to force a 2-2 draw. El Barca in the final game played with 10 men after Carles Puyol sent-off.

    In the 1st leg match Champions League quarterfinals, Wednesday (31/3/2010) , the Barca winner of two goals from Zlatan Ibrahimovic donated. However, Theo Walcott and a penalty goal Cesc Fabregas rescued the Gunners from defeat.

    A draw was indeed beneficial melakoni Barca will fight them at the Nou Camp next week. Because Alzugrana had two goals away and saving enough to play a draw or win 0-0/1-1, will take them to the semis.

    Meanwhile, Arsenal have to pay dearly this struggle with the loss of Fabregas in both parties because of accumulated cards. Not only that, Fabregas was seen limping after the score and there is indication his knee injury recur.

    The game

    New one-minute walk game, Barca have threatened goalkeeper host. Starting corners, leading to Sergio Busquets ball in the penalty box and he then leveled off toward the goal kick. However, the rate of the ball can still be blocked by an Arsenal player.

    Sign in to-5 minute turn harmful Lional Messi goal Almunia. Individual action in front of the Arsenal penalty box, ending with a hard kick left foot but the foot Almunia still prevent the ball inside.

    And a minute later, Zlatan Ibrahimovic throw a golden opportunity. Dani Alves free on the right side to send feedback to the flat front of goal and instead direct the ball Ibra far above Arsenal.

    Have the opportunity Ibra scored again in the 8th minute. Got the ball on the left side of Arsenal's defense, which is free Ibra dribbling into the penalty box and as he was shadowed by an opponent player, he kicked the ball hard but still sideways.

    In the 13th minute Barca got four chances to score goals. Ibra who begins his kick inside the penalty box after outwit Arsenal defender was pushed over Almunia. And the ball rebounds to lead Xavi and then kick but Almunia was again still brushed it off.

    Alves's turn to test the toughness of Almunia but there is still an Arsenal player to block the ball. And last, kicking off a hard Messi still could not break through goalkeeper Almunia.

    Arsenal are pressed during 20 minutes was finally able to create chances at minute 22. Samir Nasri who got the ball on the right side of the Barca defense fired right foot arch is still wide on the left side goalkeeper Victor Valdes.

    Barca start a threat again in the 32nd minute when Messi attempt to escape from the Guard Arsenal player to an end with a short bait Ibra. Ibra said rotate agency fired a right foot is still widening.

    Arsenal, who try to attack and stab into the Barca defense often fails because the toughness of duo Gerard Pique and Puyol.

    New one-minute second half began, Barca finally able to break down the Arsenal goalkeeper. Ibra who got the ball in the penalty box with a cold tossed the ball past Almunia and lodged in the upper right corner.

    At minute 52, a cross Nicklas Bendtner Gael Clichy meet in the penalty box and was greeted with his header. Valdes brilliantly dismissed from the distance of the ball that comes near it.

    Barca doubled the scoring in the 59th minute. Xavi who holds the ball to see Ibra free then feed it to his colleague. Ibra who escaped the offside trap cut into the penalty box and fired mercilessly hard into the top left corner of goalkeeper Almunia.

    Walcott in the 68th minute to reduce the situation to 1-2. Nasri and Bendtner completed the combination bait flat to Walcott who stabbed into the penalty box, then fired shots into the nets Valdes flat.

    Messi had a chance in the 75th minute. Feed breakthrough meeting Xavi Messi Messi on the right wing and ran into the penalty box to kick off toward the goal. But the ball can still be blocked by Almunia.

    In the 83rd minute, Arsenal's equalizer. Violation Puyol Fabregas the chance to bear fruit gifts scored a penalty and Puyol had to be driven out by the referee. Massimo Bussaca referee's decision that had protested loudly by the players for not fitting for Barca after Puyol sent-off.

    Fabregas is advanced as the executor of success netted into the top right corner of the net. The score became 2-2 and last until the end of the game.

    Team Line-up:

    Arsenal: 1-Manuel Almunia; 3-Bacary Sagna (14-Theo Walcott 66 '), 10-William Gallas (15-Denilson 44'), 5-Thomas Vermaelen, 22-Gael Clichy; 4-Cesc Fabregas, 17-Alex Song 2-Abou Diaby; 8-Samir Nasri, Nicklas Bendtner, 52, 23-Andrei Arshavin (27-Emmanuel Eboue 27 ').

    Barcelona: 1-Victor Valdes; 2-Daniel Alves, 5-Carles Puyol, 3-Gerard Pique, 19-Maxwell; 15-Seydou Keita, 16-Sergio Busquets, 6-Xavi, 10-Lionel Messi (18-Gabriel Milito 85 '), 9-Zlatan Ibrahimovic (14-Thierry Henry 76'), 17-Pedro


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