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  • Arsenal 3-1 Burnley: Fabregras, Walcott, Arshavin score

    Serving team under the board, Burnley, Arsenal can not casually reached three figures. Despite winning 3-1, the Gunners reached through a hard struggle.

    Played under the support of his own supporters at the Emirates Stadium, Saturday (6/3/2010), Arsenal controlled the match. However, Arsene Wenger forces to dismantle the defense difficulties Burnley.

    Arsenal had to wait until the 34th minute winner through the legs for Cesc Fabregas. Burnley then evened the score through David Nugent, Theo Walcott before bringing 'Warehouse Bullets' 2-1 lead and Andrei Arshavin perfected be 3-1.

    Three points gleaned from this work mengatrol Burnley Arsenal's position that the value 61 into the Premier League rank two, straddling the Manchester United (60) which will play the next few minutes.

    The game
    Just four minutes of the game running, Arsenal have slapped immediately. Nicklas Bendtner but the kick from inside the penalty box can be tamed goalkeeper Brian Jensen.

    Arsenal picked second chance at minute 14. Cooperation one-two with Emmanuel Eboue Fabregas for an end to cross-kick was wide of the goal Burnley.

    Once created frustration with tight rear lines Burnley, Arsenal finally smiled at minute 34. Samir Nasri feedback lever resolved by Fabregas coolly through sontekannya to be the opening goal.

    Four minutes earlier, made public Emirates beat when Fabregas injured. His successor, Abou Diaby, was also not yet fully recovered from the injury itself.

    At the beginning of the second half, Arsenal waste a lot of opportunities. Header from Bendtner on 47 minutes Walcott's cross to welcome still laterally on the side of Jensen's goal.

    Two minutes later, Bendtner back to cursing his luck. In a relatively free conditions, Bendtner kick from close range still soar.

    We fight to enter the 50th minute, Arsenal made a reply surprised by the Burnley goal. Through counter-attack, feedback header from Leon Cort converted a goal by Nugent with a chip kick.

    Finally, Arsenal restore excellence in 60 minutes. Goal is to make the score 2-1 was printed by Walcott measured through the left leg kick that nestled in the corner of Jensen's goal. Walcott Bendtner how to teach how to score goals!

    Today was not a day Bendtner. At 65 minutes, re-bait the released mature Walcott Bendtner wasted because sontekannya from close range was widened.

    In the third minute injury time, Arsenal finally made the final score 3-1 through a goal Arshavin. Hard shots from the Russian striker in the penalty box could not dammed Jensen.

    Arsenal: Almunia, Eboue, Silvestre, Vermaelen, Clichy, Denilson, Rosicky (Arshavin 60), Fabregas (Diaby 39), Nasri; Bendtner (Eduardo 74), Walcott

    Burnley: Jensen; Mears, Cort, Carlisle, Fox; Paterson (Thompson 74), McDonald (Elliott 53), Alexander (Bikey 65), Cork, Eagles; Nugent


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