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  • Atletico Madrid 4-1 Valencia: Forlan double

    Valencia so far with the competition Barcelona and Real Madrid. In his last game, 'Army Black Bats', who played with nine men, unable to resist domination and defeat Atletico Madrid 1-4.

    Atletico went to the cage in the Vicente Calderon Stadium on Sunday (28/02/2010) , Valencia made helpless by the host.

    Valencia winner first time thanks to David Silva. But Emery Unay farm squad has finally had to admit the benefits of Los Cholconeros after strikes with four goals in return.

    Valencia disastrous start when it comes to losing Carlos Marchena is given a red card for doing handsball. As a result the referee awarded a penalty to the Atletico penalty successful scored by Diego Forlan on 30. 1-1 score stood until the first half of action.

    Valencia back down after the 78th minute, Sergio Aguero's goal to break through header. Simao is giving assists to Argentina's young players.

    Valencia had to play with nine men after the referee issued a second red card in this fight. Miguel is expelled out of the field when action had entered 83 minutes.

    Successfully exploited this situation Atletico. Three minutes later, Forlan back scored shot from the left side of the penalty box that goal to fruition.

    Suffering increasingly became Los Che-so after the fourth goal Atletico successfully printed. This time Jose Jurado's turn in the 90th minute off a corner kick into the top right of the goal Valencia and Cesar could not be anticipated.

    These negative results make Valencia move in the sequence of three La Liga standings with 46 values and increasingly distanced from David Villa cs rivalry Barcelona-Real Madrid. Lucky, Valencia Sevilla away from the pursuit beneath it because it was only able to play with the score 0-0 against Athletic Bilbao.

    Meanwhile, Atletico have previously been in the order of 13 up two flights of stairs to the 11th position with 30 points.


    Atletico Madrid: Gea; Ufjalusi; Pere; Lopez; Valera; Tiago; Reyes; Forlan; Assuncao (Garcia '87); Aguero (Juardo '81), Simao (Salvio '89)

    Valencia: Cesar; Ibanez; Marchena; Alexis; Miguel; Banega; Fernandes; David Silva; Mata (Maduro'34), Joaquin (Pablo '58); David Villa (Domiguez '71)


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