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  • Barcelona 4-0 VfB Stuttgart : Messi double super-strike

    Barcelona look perfect when hitting VfB Stuttgart 4-0 in the second leg of the Champions League 16 phase . This action is also marked by brilliant performances Lionel Messi.

    At the Nou Camp Stadium, Wednesday (17/3/2010), Messi became a star with double super-strike. The speed of the players from Argentina are also many times to make Stuttgart defense trouble.

    Besides the two goals scored Messi and one from Pedro, one other goal came from Bojan Krkic first touch in the field utilizing Ibrahimovic great pass. With this victory, Barcelona had the right to move into quarterfinals round of the Champions League.

    Los Cules away with aggregate 5-1 - before the first leg, the two teams drew 1-1.

    Match path

    Barcelona started the match with a fast tempo. Nine minutes after kick-off, Lionel Messi has a chance of gold directly to score. From the right side, he kicks off a curved, but the ball still driven Jens Lehmann and off the field.

    In the first round, tens of thousands of Barca fans in the Nou Camp Stadium, cheered as a solo act-run breeding Messi ended with the ball in the net Stuttgart. After the ball from the right side, these Argentine players off a left foot shot from outside the penalty box.

    Although confronted by four Stuttgart players, Messi shot was dispelled. Ball Menghujam lower left corner of Lehmann's goal and the score was changed to 1-0.

    Messi back his share of both Barca goals in 22 minutes. Bait to the left side was greeted by Yaya Toure. Last name was sent pass to the goal, where Pedro ran to meet. Through one flick, Pedro makes Lehmann picked up the ball from the net again.

    Barca continue winning 2-0 to launch a pressure defense Stuttgart. At minute 28 Toure again presents a threat. His penetration ended with a pass to Henry who was near the goal. Unfortunately for Henry, he could not reach the ball Toure pass.

    Barca onslaught in the second round. Messi is still a scourge, his pass to Toure on 56 minutes ended with a left foot kick. The result? There is no goal, Toure kick wide in the side of the goal.

    Barca scored their third goal on 60 minutes through a neat partnership. Pedro feedback received from the right side by Dani Alves outside the penalty box. Alves then gave a heel pass to Messi, who immediately let go of a left foot kick.

    Lehmann deceived again. Messi kicking the ball to lower left corner of the net.

    In minute 76, Henry nearly scored a fourth goal Barca, I wish to welcome Alves header of the ball. French striker was only an inch from its position when the ball was in front of goal Stuttgart.

    A few minutes later, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who had entered in the middle of the second half to replace Sergi Busquets, off a kick from inside the penalty box. Unfortunately for Ibra, Lehmann could still dispel his strike.

    Four minutes before dispersal, Messi again showed his strength. He dribbled from the right side alone to break through the penalty box Stuttgart. But this action did not end smoothly after his chip ball wide.

    The fourth goal Barca finally born on 89 minutes by foot Bojan Krkic. Goal 19-year-old striker was preceded breakthrough Ibra feedback to the gaps in the defense right side Stuttgart. Bojan who were there to greet and direct the ball past Lehmann cheating the forward facing.


    Barcelona: Victor Valdes, Dani Alves, Gerard Pique, Carles Puyol, Maxwell, Sergi Busquets (Zlatan Ibrahimovic 66), Yaya Toure, Andres Iniesta (Bojan Krkic 88), Lionel Messi, Thierry Henry (Gabriel Milito 79), Pedro Rodriguez.

    Stuttgart: Jens Lehmann, Stefano Celozzi (Timo Gebhart 45), Georg Niedermaier, Mathieu Delpierre, Christian Molinaro Christian Trasch, Zdravko Kuzmanovic, Sami Khedira, Aleksandr Hleb, Cacau, Pavel Pogrebnyak (Ciprian Marica 70).


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