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  • Real Madrid 3-1 Sporting Gijon: Van der Vaart, Alonso, Higuain score

    Had left first, Real Madrid successfully reverse the situation and gain the victory over Sporting Gijon. These results bring Iker Casillas et al. more robust at the top of the standings.

    Madrid bend Gijon 3-1 in the match in Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday (20.3.2010). The whole goal occurred in the second half.

    Madrid had missed the first goal by David Barral. Los Galacticos and then managed to turn things around and win.

    Rafael Van der Vaart scored equalizing goal, Xabi Alonso brings superior Madrid, Gonzalo Higuain and secure the victory.

    These results bring troops Manuel Pellegrini firmly at the top of La Liga standings with a value of 68, three points ahead of Barcelona who is in second position.

    There is also Barca played on Sunday (21.3.2010) by challenging Real Zaragoza.

    Match path

    In the first round, Madrid dominated the game. Los Galacticos defense barricaded guest appearance.

    Eighth minute, CR9 header who received feedback from Marcelo still deviating from the target.

    Later in the 33rd minute, bait Xabi Alonso failed by Gonzalo Higuain converted for the goal. Argentina players kick it still failed to meet targets.

    Two minutes of the second half opened, turn Rafael Van der Vaart header who use bait failed Higuain scored fruitful result of rising from the target.

    Attacking intensively, instead they conceded a goal in Madrid to-53 minutes. Starting from the bait Diego Camacho, the ball immediately greeted by David Barral, who stood at the left of goalkeeper Casillas. His strike from a narrow angle nets thrilling Los Galacticos.

    Two minutes is the time taken by Madrid to retaliate. Starting from a free kick that Cristiano Ronaldo could be denied by goalkeeper Juan Pablo Colinas, then throw the ball struck by Van der Vaart to make the score a 1-1 draw.

    Los Merengues turn lead to 2-1 through Xabi Alonso header at minute 57. This goal created through football corner situation.

    Higuain kick from outside the penalty box in the 68th minute brought more secure in Madrid 3-1 advantage.

    Casillas thwart efforts to stop the fire Gijon Diego Castro, 15 minutes before the game ended.

    Five minutes to disperse, Crisitano Ronaldo kick from outside the penalty box is still a thin floating above the visitors goal.


    Real Madrid: Casillas Sergio Ramos, Garay, Marcelo, Arbeloa, Xabi, Lass (Guti 45 '), Van der Vaart (Raul 74'), Granero (Gago 69 '), Ronaldo, Higuain

    Sporting Gijon: Colinas; Gregory, Botia, Canella, Alberto Ramos, Camacho, Rivera, Barral (Bilic), De las Cuevas (Mateo 71 '), Gimenez, Moran (Carmelo 71')


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