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  • AC Milan 2-2 Catania: Borriello double

    AC Milan came from behind two goals to draw 2-2 and then play opponents Catania. Unfortunately, this also means that Milan have to be willing to lose two crucial points in the title hunt.

    At the San Siro on Sunday (11.4.2010), Catania lead after only 12 minutes walk. Giuseppe Mascara made a breakthrough release bait Gaston Maxi Lopez to finish with a sniper at the far pole.

    Two minutes before the break, Catania managed to double the advantage after a minute passed before Milan's Marco Boriello throw opportunities.

    Catania second goal was born through a counterattack by Adrian Ricchiuti. After working with Maxi, Ricchiuti strikes the ball.

    Left behind two goals, Milan immediately tried to get up in the second round. The match lasted only three minutes, Andrea Pirlo lifted the ball which was then forwarded to the head before Clarence Seedorf and then again by Boriello header to make goals.

    Boriello Milan hero after making the second goal which saved his team from defeat. Ten minutes before the final whistle sounded, the ball cross domesticated Boriello Ignazio Abate with his chest before then kicked into the goalpost Catania.

    This made the score 2-2 Milan could only add one number only to remain stuck in the top three with number 64 results from 33 matches. Milan three points behind Inter in second place and four points from AS Roma, who had just successfully shifted Inter.

    The composition of Players:

    Milan: Dida; Abate, Thiago Silva, Favalli (Flamini 63), Antonini; Pirlo, Ambrosini, Seedorf (Mancini 74), Ronaldinho, Borriello, Huntelaar (Inzaghi 74)

    Catania: Andujar; Alvarez, Spolli, Terlizzi, Capuano; Ricchiuti (Delvecchio 72), Carboni (Ledesma 61), Biagianti; Izco (Potenza 83), Lopez, Mascara


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