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  • Aston Villa 0-3 Chelsea: Drogba,Malouda,Lampard score

    Chelsea chance to defend title after winning the FA Cup semi-final match contra Aston Villa, Saturday (10/4/2010) . The score was 3-0 and the Blues made it to the top of the party.

    Chelsea's third goal all birth in the second half. Their goal scorers are Didier Drogba, Florent Malouda and Frank Lampard.

    With this victory, Chelsea made it to the finals for the third time in four last season. And they will wait for duel winners Tottenham Hotspur and Porstmouth next day, to defend the title they captured last season.

    The game

    In a match that was held in Wembley, both teams looked to play a little cautious in the first round this. Evidently not many opportunities presented to any Villa Chelsea.

    Villa present the best opportunities in the 16th minute when Stilian Petrov Sodoran ball is received by James Milner. From outside the penalty box, Milner fired hard that still widened goalkeeper Petr Cech on the left side.

    And then the new Chelsea goalkeeper could provide a threat to Brad Friedel in the 38th minute. From the ball into the penalty box, Didier Drogba and the ball fell at the feet of Joe Cole. While overshadowed by the defenders, Cole fired a shot right in the landscape that still catches Friedel.

    Chelsea finally able to break down the Villa goal in minute 67. Starting football corner, a Villa defender and throw the ball fell incomplete at the foot of John Terry. Terry fired shots that do not lead to goal but Drogba touched the ball so that the rate of change and into the nets Friedel.

    Chelsea Malouda added a 2-0 advantage over the tally in the 89th minute. Michael Ballack's cross to the far pole was greeted with a first-time right foot shot that ripped the nets Friedel Malouda.

    Chelsea eventually advanced to the finals by winning 3-0 after Lampard scored the ultimate in injury time. Malouda acceleration towards the penalty box ended with a bait to Nicolas Anelka. Anelka had the ball to Lampard who said outwit one player kicked the ball straight into the goal.

    The composition of players

    Villa: Friedel, Cuellar, Collins, Dunne, Warnock, Petrov, Milner, Downing, Young, Carew (Heskey 82 '), Agbonlahor.

    Chelsea: Cech, Ferreira, Terry, Alex, Zhirkov, Mikel, Joe Cole (Kalou 65 '), Lampard, Deco (Ballack 76'), Malouda, Drogba (Anelka 79 ').


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