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  • Intermilan 3-1 Barcelona: Pedro,Sneidjer,Maicon,Milito scored

    Inter Milan's success in winning the Champions League semi-final first leg against Barcelona. In front of his own supporters, Inter appear dominant and tamed Barca 3-1.

    In the action held in Stadium Giuseppe Meazza, Tuesday (20/4/2010), Inter actually left earlier when Pedro Rodriguez success breaking Julio Cesar net in the 19th minute. However, after Nerrazzurri practically mastered the game.

    With driven Wesley Sneijder, Inter dominated the midfield battle with Barca midfielder ranks led by Xavi Hernandez and Lionel Messi. As a result two additional goals were successfully created through Maicon Inter and Diego Milito.

    With this result, Barca have no easy task to reverse the position on the second leg at the Nou Camp which will be played on 28 April.

    The game play

    Walking a tight game since the kick-off whistle sounded. Barca are still relying on Lionel Messi tried to block the direct pressures exerted Inter. La Beneamata itself quite straightforward in an attack by three assailants; Goran Pandev, Diego Milito and Samuel Eto'o.

    Inter have the first opportunity on 18 minutes. Eto'o managed to kick hard pushed over by Victor Valdes, but the ball then fell to the feet Milito. Shit for Milito, kick toward the far pole is still widening.

    However, it was Barca who scored first. Maxwell puncture from the left side failed dammed by Esteban Cambiasso and Lucio in charge of his guard. He also successfully send feedback to the central region, where Pedro Rodriguez snatched.

    Pedro then kick with his right leg to bottom right corner that Inter goalkeeper Julio Cesar was escorted. 18 minutes of the game running, Barca winning 1-0.

    Disadvantaged 0-1 Inter eager to create an equalizer. In the 27th minute, Sneijder gave the ball to Milito in the penalty box. Once again Milito kick off toward the far pole, but again the ball was still widening.

    Inter finally equalized in the 29th minute. Maicon from the right operand received by Milito in the penalty box. As a result of too much concentrated on Milito, Barca defender-defender guarding the loose in Sneijder.

    The Dutch midfielder was standing freely and Milito was sent operand him. Through a right leg kick, Sneijder was successful strikes the ball into the Victor Valdes nets.

    Soon a second round run, exactly on 48 minutes, finally breaking into the nets Inter Barca again. Beginning with the ball at the feet of Milito, operand is then supplied to Maicon. Last name flick the ball into the nets Valdes and turned into a 2-1 score.

    Inter 2-1 did not make the Barca defense to stop grilling. At 61 minutes, they re-create the Valdes picked up the ball from his net, this time the miners turn Milito tally.

    Gol Eto'o was created after a feed from the right side was met with a powerful header by Sneijder on the left side. The ball then immediately be struck by Milito, also with the header, right in front of goal Valdes.

    At 79 minutes, Messi get golden opportunity through a free kick. But the World Player of 2009 had not been able to fruition. Kick can still be driven Julio Cesar.

    A minute before the game ended, Barca back to get a chance when Pedro release acrobatic kick inside the penalty box. Heavy ball towards goal, but Julio Cesar calmly caught him.

    Until the final game 3-1 position remained unchanged.

    Team Linepup

    Inter Milan: Julio Cesar, Walter Samuel, Lucio, Javier Zanetti, Maicon (Cristian Chivu 73), Esteban Cambiasso, Thiago Motta, Wesley Sneijder, Diego Milito (Mario Balotelli 75), Samuel Eto'o, Goran Pandev (Dejan Stankovic 56) .

    Barcelona: Victor Valdes, Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique, Maxwell, Dani Alves, Sergio Busquets, Seydou Keita, Xavi Hernandez and Pedro Rodriguez, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Eric Abidal 62).


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