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  • Liverpool 2-1 Atletico Madrid: Aquillani, Benayoun super-finish

    Liverpool managed to win in the second leg after a beat Atletico Madrid 2-1. Unfortunate for the Reds, these results did not quite take them through to the Europa League final.

    At Anfield, on Thursday (04/29/2010) , picking Liverpool victory in a match which finished 2-1 after extra-time period. But the success in reply to a 0-1 first leg defeat is still not able to take Steven Gerrard cs in the final.

    Winning first, two goals from Alberto Aquilani super-finish scored for the Reds in the 44th minute and Yossi Benayoun with another super-strike in minute 95. Diego Forlan is a nightmare that became host of the game after scoring in 103 minutes and change the position to be 1-2.

    Although both teams equally strong aggregate 2-2, Atletico have the right to the final step because of the aggressiveness away goals. In the final, Atletico Madrid will face the other British representatives, Fulham. In other action at the same time, the Cottagers 2-1 win over Hamburg SV.

    The game

    Direct Liverpool kicked off in the first minute of the match when the Yossi Benayoun bait is struck by Dirk Kuyt was saved well by keeper David de Gea. In the minutes that followed, despite failing the creation opportunities, hosts dominated the mastery of the ball.

    In the 12th minute another chance created by Kuyt again failed to bear fruit, Alberto Aquilani kick when receiving the ball from her right pass leads to the goalie. Not long ago the turn of Liverpool Atletico made stronghold of anxiety when kicking distance goalkeeper Pepe Reina barely penetrate.

    Through a partnership involving pretty Steven Gerrard, Benayoun almost endless Aquilani and reliably goals from Javier Mascherano last effort dropping himself did not soar above the ruler.

    Entering the 28th minute Liverpool goalkeeper Sergio Aguero nearly broken. Cut into the penalty box, the Argentine midfielder Reina managed to deceive, but because it is located in a narrow angle he failed to direct the ball into the goal.

    After goals from Daniel Agger made baits continue Gerrard free kick the referee canceled because of reasons offside, Liverpool finally scored a goal in minute 44. Aquilani to change the position into which he was 1-0 after a ball from Benayoun can be directed into the bottom corner of the net.

    Gerrard to a bait pile is much that leads to strikes Benayoun opened the Reds in the second round. But no goals from the process because Benayoun failed to direct the ball in the back row of pressure for the visitors.

    An accurate bait released Aquilani to Kuyt in the 64th minute Liverpool's continuing efforts to increase the number of his goal. But the 1-0 score did not change the host advantage because the skin round the Dutch footballer kicking it right leads to de Gea, which stood near the poles.

    In the 71st minute replacement goalkeeper Reina is threatened when Reyes went on soccer corner-kick well blocked by Gerrard.

    Until the referee finally blew the whistle long after there was no sign of action created additional goals. Advantage 1-0 The Reds made the second team as a 1-1 aggregate as strong a force the game continued into extra-time period.

    Open game that was exhibited Atletico and Liverpool in extra time to make the game interesting walk.

    In the 95th minute after a surging public Anfield Benayoun scored their second goal that made the Reds ahead 2-0. Get feedback from Lucas, the Israeli midfielder was directing the ball into the far pole and not to reach Atletico goalkeeper. With this 2-1 on aggregate, Liverpool in a position to qualify for the final.

    In the left position to make Atletico appear more offensive. One opportunity is ripe owned Jurado kick from just outside the penalty box thin deviated from the target. Pepe Reina and this was seen not to reach the ball.

    Disaster for Liverpool came in 103 minutes after Forlan change the position to be 2-1. Reyes scored bamboozle begins shrewdness Glen Johnson on the left side of the host defense. Log into the penalty box, the former Arsenal player was off the right gastric bait led to Forlan. With his head to change the score became 2-1 .

    Liverpool stuck in a position such as loss of focus. Unable to create a ripe opportunity, goalkeeper Reina in fact many times can be a threat. One from Simao Sabrosa who kick when dealing with goalkeeper thin float above the ruler.

    Until the referee finally finish the match in 120 minutes, no more additional goals are created. Despite losing 1-2, Atletico Madrid, is entitled to pocket a ticket to the finals because away goal advantage with a tie 2-2 on aggregate.

    Team Line-up:

    Liverpool: Reina, Mascherano, Carragher, Agger, Johnson, Gerrard, Lucas, Benayoun, Aquilani, Babel, Kuyt. Subs: Cavalieri, Kyrgiakos, Ngog, Degen, El Zhar, Ayala, Pacheco

    Atletico Madrid: De Gea, Valera, Dominguez, Perea, Antonio Lopez, Reyes, Paulo Assuncao, Raul Garcia, Simao, Aguero, Forlan. Subs: Sergio Asenjo, Camacho, Jurado, Salvio, Juanito, Ujfalusi, Cabrera


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