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  • Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Arsenal: Rose thunderous strike, Gomes tripple great-save

    Tottenham Hotspur triumphed at White Hart Lane after successfully beat Arsenal 2-1. This is the Spurs' first win over the Gunners since the year 1999 in the Premier League.

    Results, Wednesday (14/4/2010), this means not only important in the effort Spurs chase Champions League tickets - to finish in fourth position - but also have hurt efforts to keep Arsenal in the title scramble competition.

    With a victory in this North London derby, Tottenham have never won again over Arsenal in the League party since 7 November 1999, is now sitting in fifth position with a difference of one point standings from Manchester City, which was ranked fourth.

    While for Arsenal, making them stare defeat in the third place in the standings with 71 digits Raihan, two points behind Manchester United and six points from Chelsea.

    Spurs started the game with an impressive straight after winning the 10th minute through a new player making his debut, Danny Rose. Gareth Bale then made public the White Hart Lane more cheered by his goal two minutes after the interval.

    The inclusion of Robin van Persie in the middle of the second half to make the game Arsenal so much more alive. Ofensivitas finally bear fruit this goal by Nicklas Bendtner to Arsenal five minutes prior to dispersal.

    The game

    From a corner, Sol Campbell managed to pass the ball toward the goal. Gomes was unable to reach the ball but there's Benoit Assou-Ekotto guarding the edge of where the ball moving the goalposts. He tame the ball with his chest even as he lowered the body.

    At nine minutes, Roman Pavlyuchenko punt successful outcome of the feed from the right wing. But there are two Arsenal players facing the ball and deflected to produce the kick directions.

    Spurs lead through a corner of the football. Lead to ball outside the penalty box after Manuel Almunia but ignored again by Danny Rose forwarded through thunderous strike from a distance of 27 meters. Almunia tried to resist but the ball was out of reach and goal.

    It was quickly conceded, Arsenal players Thomas Vermaelen then instead of injury. In the 20th minute central defender who is also the champion made the goal was too withdrawn to be replaced by Mikel Silvestre.

    Nicklas Bendtner recorded a golden opportunity on 26 minutes. From the style of Arsenal's attacks - through operand from foot to foot - the ball can then Bendtner controlled a thin slit in the Spurs' defense. The ball then football even though he's still a bit wide of the Spurs goal.

    Cooperation Pavlyuchenko, Modric of Defoe and a counter-attack almost breaking into Arsenal. However, this time the Arsenal back line swiftly blocked and Rose attempt to fly the ball back into the penalty box did not bear fruit.

    Three minutes before the break, turn Gael Clichy got the chance. From the left side, Clichy do overlap up to the side of the wicket before he fired a shot which just ended at the outer side of the wicket.

    Spurs double the advantage two minutes after the interval. Jermain Defoe played Arsenal players before releasing the bait breakthrough for Gareth Bale is in front and not guarded well by Mikael Silvestre. He too easily send the ball into the goal.

    Another Arsenal Opportunities recorded in minute 65. Bendtner managed to catch the ball passed him and went on to kick along the ground. But because it is done from a narrow angle, the ball was only a "passenger" passing in front of Spurs' only goal.

    Robin Van Persie! At 80 minutes, Abou Diaby controlled gastric bait Van Persie after tame the ball with his chest. With one motion, Van Persie volley release that can still be pushed over Gomes.

    Van Persie again busied Gomes on 83 minutes. From the free kick, Van Persie curled the ball over the fence sends players rushing the opponent to lead into the top corner. But Gomes "flying" save the wicket with brushed it off.

    Five minutes to disperse, Arsenal eventually reduce the lag. Theo Walcott's cross from the front gate, a number of players chasing the ball but Bendtner easily strikes first to go into the goal.

    Van Persie's incredible! Once again after being unloaded he threatened the Spurs goal this time through hard kick from outside the penalty box which again could still laboriously pushed over Gomes.

    The composition of Players:

    Tottenham: Gomes, Assou-Ekotto, Dawson, King, Bale, Kaboul, Huddlestone, Modric, Rose (Bentley '46), Pavlyuchenko (Crouch '9), Defoe (Gudjohnsen '67).

    Arsenal: Almunia, Sagna (Walcott '53), Campbell Vermaelen (Silvestre '20), Clichy, Eboue, Diaby, Denilson (Van Persie '68), Rosicky, Bendtner, Nasri.


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