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  • Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Chelsea: Bale great-finish, Terry sent-off

    Tottenham Hotspur triumphed at White Hart Lane with a beat Chelsea, who finish the game minus one player, with the score 2-1. These results once again heat up the competition Premier League title.

    Spurs are ahead on 15 minutes when Jermain Defoe completed the referee awarded the penalty after John Terry did handball in the box forbidden. Shortly before the interval, Gareth Bale adds score to 2-0.

    Worsening the situation looks to Chelsea after Didier Drogba was seen hobbling ahead of kick-off the second half. Chelsea could not replace them because of allocated three substitutions already exhausted.

    Chelsea more "lame" after Terry received a second yellow card on 67 minutes. That is, the Blues had to play with ten players in the remaining time while catch up.

    At the last minute, Frank Lampard made an entertainment goals for Chelsea. Final score, 2-1 victory for Spurs.

    This victory was made to overtake the Spurs back four - which incidentally is the last position of the Champions League zone - from Manchester City, who previously defeated by the MU. Of the 34 games, while Spurs have 64 digits City 62 points.

    While for Chelsea, the defeat away to make them fail to maintain this difference in points from Manchester United, which previously had cut the distance thanks to a victory over City. 'The Blue' is still leading the standings, but the figure which amounts to 77 points is now only one point just ahead of the 'Red Devils'.

    The road game

    Spurs' sowing direct attack on the first minute. After winning the ball, the skin round Jermain Defoe has ruled on the right side while Roman Pavlyuchenko waiting in front of goal. Whether directly or attempted to pass kick, spurn Defoe leads right into Petr Cech.

    Pavlyuchenko then snaking in front of the defense Chelsea on five minutes and fired a shot from outside the penalty box. However, the ball is still soaring high above the bar.

    Two minutes later, Florent Malouda fired hard that leads rapidly to the Spurs goal. Bad luck for him, swiftly dismissed Gomes still kick the ball to generate directions.

    Spurs re-cast the threat in front of goal and this time Chelsea's turn Pavlyuchenko who kicked the ball towards goal Cech on 11 minutes. But the ball can still be confronted by opposing players.

    Twice then the Spurs claimed a penalty after Defoe and Bale dropped in one minute intervals. Both were not granted by the referee.

    In the 14th minute, John Terry was caught touching the ball while attempting to head it. Referee points this time straight down the white and Defoe with a good finish. 1-0 Spurs.

    Joe Cole to penetrate the left wing and then sent to the center where Didier Drogba is waiting. Drogba went with spurn that seems not quite fit, so Gomes was not difficult to tame the ball.

    Pavlyuchenko! On 24 minutes he managed to break the hard shot from outside the penalty box that leads right into the Chelsea goal. But Cech dismissed the ball in a way that is not less slick. Spurs have so far been kept pressing Chelsea.

    Luka Modric on the left wing ran in 29 minutes. Penetration of feed into the front end with the goal and David Bentley went with spurn the still widening. Moments earlier, the Spurs goal a little under threat as Joe Cole off a dangerous cross which still can be maximized the front lines of Chelsea.

    Cech back to secure the ball on 37 minutes. From a corner kick, the ball ditanduk Younes Kaboul and direction right into Cech. One minute later, even the ball to Malouda who menceploskan Spurs goalkeeper goals despite not approved because he was caught offside.

    A minute before the break, Spurs added a goal. From the left wing, Bale made a solo run and approached the Chelsea goal. When on the edge of the penalty box, he fired a shot that Cech could not hold.

    Lampard! Chelsea barely missed out by Frank Lampard. Lampard's volley pretty successful release though Gomes deftly dismissed.

    Five minutes into the second half, Defoe managed to escape the offside trap and ran left two Chelsea players. Stay dealing with Cech, Defoe was able to kick the goalkeeper pushed over Chelsea.

    Malouda get the ball in front of the Spurs goal. She was running before kicking the ball hit the Spurs despite a benign and leads to Gomes for safekeeping.

    Spurs attack of the wing design on 59 minutes. From the right, the skin round and then posted to the right for Pavlyuchenko controlled. From a narrow angle which he then kicked the ball out Cech pushed over the field.

    Chelsea must play with ten players after Terry can be a red card. Breaches of the Bale on 67 minutes to make Chelsea's captain received a second yellow card after several moments before may also violate Pavlyuchenko after the card.

    Chelsea's current condition is really bad. Besides still lag 0-2, they have to lose Terry while Drogba was also seen in spite of injury can not be pulled out because Carlo Ancelotti already made three substitutions.

    Chelsea goalkeeper Cech saved through tepisan finger at minute 73. From a free kick, spurn Defoe is still on the fence despite Chelsea Bentley then went on to kick the stomach. Cech swiftly moved back and stretched to skim the ball into the top ruler.

    Cech was again featured as a savior. He blocked kick Bale on 82 minutes. Spurs are more likely to actually make a goal if Bale did not immediately force the kick.

    Drogba escaped the attack and stayed behind to deal with Gomes. Drogba kicks, but suddenly Dawson stuck to block.

    Bale! After receiving a long feed, Bale control the ball and drove toward Cech. He cheated the ball could be saved without Cech, but the rate of the skin is still thin on the sides round the goal.

    Lampard entertainment fetched goal for Chelsea in injury time minutes after successfully pass a cross from Michael Ballack. Afterwards, the Spurs' chance to add goals. With three players surrounded the Cech after a counterattack, Pavlyuchenko who completed the attack instead sent the ball wide.

    The composition of Players:

    Tottenham: Gomes, Kaboul, Dawson, Bassong, Assou-Ekotto, Bentley, Huddlestone, Modric, Bale, Pavlyuchenko (Peter Crouch '95), Defoe (Gudjohnsen '78).

    Chelsea: Cech, Paulo Ferreira (Ivanovic '46), Alex, Terry, Zhirkov, Deco, Mikel (Ballack .33), Lampard, Joe Cole (Anelka '46), Drogba, Malouda.


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