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  • Argentina 5-0 Canada: Maxi Rodriguez double

    The closer the World Cup 2010, Argentina more mature and ferocious. Entertain Canada in a friendly match on Monday (5/24/2010), Diego Maradona care team was able to beat Canada 5-0.

    Argentina's strong game in front of Canada. Although strict opponent fight back, but the "Albiceleste" still able to master the game. The result, Canada was attacking by 5 goals.

    Argentina's Maxi Rodriguez to open the scoring at minute 16. His free-kick from the right side of opponent's defense could not dammed goalkeeper. He again scored a goal in the 32nd minute, after Carlos Tevez use bait. Angel Di Maria then make Maradona a 3-0 lead in the first round.

    Entering the second half, Argentina was still not satisfied. Argentina's Carlos Tevez added goals in the 63rd minute. Sergio Aguero victory while improving to 5-0 on the host the 71st minute.

    Argentina will be in Group B World Cup in 2010. They are a group with Nigeria, South Korea, and Greece.

    Friendship Match Results

    Australia 2-1 New Zealand
    Japan 0-2 South Korea
    Portugal 0-0 Cape Verde
    South Africa 1-1 Bulgaria
    England 3-1 Meksico
    Argentina 5-0 Canada


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