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  • Atletico Madrid 0-2 Sevilla: Diego Capel great-strike

    Mission reached double winners promoted Atletico Madrid in the final round foundered after the Copa del Rey Diego Forlan et al. defeated by Sevilla. Atletico give up 0-2.

    In a match that was held at the Nou Camp Stadium, Barcelona, Wednesday (05/19/2010), the two Sevilla goals scored by Diego Capel at the beginning of the first half and Jesus Navas at the end of the second half.

    This title is the fifth title of the Copa del Rey is owned by the home team's Andalusia. While this makes defeat Atletico ambition to grab two titles this season, having previously won the Europa League, foundered.

    The game

    Goals are created when a new game was five minutes, with Seville as the owner of these goals. Diego Capel is that listed his name on the scoreboard.

    This goal begins with Jesus Navas shot that can still be blocked by goalkeeper David De Gea. The ball rebounds then leads to Capel and immediately greeted with a thrilling execution Atleti goalkeeper.

    Entering the tenth minute, Atletico have a chance to retaliate. Diego Forlan but the kick was successfully thwarted Squilacci defender Sebastian.

    Three minutes into the intermission, performed the rescue action Andres Palop make efforts Forlan failed to present any penyama goal for Atletico.

    Negredo! One-hour game of age, the Spanish striker was about to bring Sevilla lead 2-0. His kick from close range could still be stopped by De Gea.

    As Reuters reported, enter the last 20 minutes of action rising tension. This was triggered by Luis Perea tackled action against Capel. Furthermore, players both teams pushed the action involved. On the sideline, coaches both teams ie Quiquie Sanchez Flores and Antonio Alverez was also involved in a commotion.

    Forlan effort to equalize the score again failed. A quarter of an hour to disperse, players volley back the origin of this Uruguayan action denied by Palop.

    Sevilla locked the victory in injury time period through Gonzalo Jesus Navas. The Spanish player was alone behind the attacks through the Atletico defense. Furthermore, this seven-numbered winger who can not disconnect the execution dammed by De Gea and make it stable Andalusian team bring home the Copa del Rey this season.

    Team Line-up:

    Sevilla: Palop; Konko, Squilacci, Escude, Luna, Navas, Zokora, Renato (Lolo 90 '), Capel (Perotti 87'), Negredo (Romaric 67 '), Kanoute

    Atletico Madrid: De Gea; Ujfalusi, Perea, Dominguez, Lopez, Simao (Juardo 60 '), Assuncao (Raul Garcia 60'), Tiago, Reyes, Forlan, Aguero


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