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  • Barcelona 4-0 Real Valladolid: Messi double

    Barcelona completed the La Liga this season with a title in their hands. Not only that El Barca was incised in a matter of achieving a new record for points and total victory.

    4-0 victory over Real Valladolid, Sunday (16/5/2010) , was enough for Barca retain the title they captured last season's champions it. Real Madrid are expected to provide resistance was only able to play following a 1-1 draw with Malaga.

    La Liga title this could be any consolation in this season because of the success won six titles last year as it evaporates. Failed in the Champions League and the Copa Del Rey makes them only able to add another trophy this year through the Super Spanish.

    As for other sweeteners in a successful Alzugrana became the 20th winner this time is that they sign the record books related to the number of points and a victory that was collected from the 38 weeks that have been undertaken.

    Total points Barca is 99 and it became a new record since the 38th stage of La Liga match in season 1997 / 1998 and every three-point victory appreciated.

    While that total is a new record of 31 victories could be achieved in a Spanish league team in one season. But about Barca not own this record because Madrid also won 31 times this season.

    Barca is getting a complete success because of their mainstay players Lionel Messi became top scorer with 34 goals at once won the gold shoes Eropa.Barca actually do it with style this season.

    The game

    In the 4th minute Barca almost conceded. Victor Valdes who received backpass Gerard Pique failed to master the ball well and was taken by the players Valladolid. Once again thrown the ball directly by Valdes and fell into Manucho who kicked the ball toward the goal empty. Fortunately, Carles Puyol with a swift throw the ball.

    In the 12th minute to make Barca the first opportunity by Seydou Keita. Distance kick Mali midfielder was still sideways to the left of the goal for the visitors. And a minute after Yaya Toure's turn to test the Jacobo from outside the penalty box but can still be ignored Jacobo.

    Lionel Messi through individual action in the 17th minute to successfully penetrate the defense of Valladolid and while shadowed by three players, Messi opened fire near the pole that can still be driven Jacobo.

    In minute 21 wild ball near the penalty box led to Messi was taken directly into the defense area kicking an opponent and ending with the left foot is still thin on the right side off the goal.

    Barca finally able to break through to wicket-Valladolid at minute 27. Pedro acceleration on the right side ending with a flat crossing Luis Prieto hit a leg and made the ball roll onto the wicket without being driven Jacobo.

    Four minutes later Pedro doubles team excellence. Breakthrough and get the ball away from offside trap, Pedro coolly put the ball in the goal past the hadangan Jacobo.

    The first half closed with a 2-0 advantage for Barca.

    In the 61st minute Messi Barca make more distant past to-33nya goals this season. Toure who passed two opposing players to pull off the bait pile away and Messi is easily strikes the ball.

    Messi! In the 75th minute short bait Toure to Messi. Messi took him to the penalty box and after outwit two defenders, he fired a shot into left corner of the goal measurable Jacobo. Barca winning 4-0.

    Team Line-up:

    Barcelona: Valdes, Alves (Ibrahimovic 79 '), Puyol, Pique, Abidal, Busquets, Toure, Keita, Messi, Bojan (Henry 78'), Pedro

    Valladolid: Jacobo, Pedro Lopez, Luis Prieto (Font 62 '), Navas Raul, Sereno, Barragan, Baraja, Pele, Sesma, Diego Costa, Manucho (Keko 78').


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