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  • Barcelona 4-1 Tenerife: Messi double, Pedro-Bojan scored

    Barcelona widen the distance with Real Madrid. Thanks to the 4-1 victory over Tenerife, Barca for a while stuck at the top of the standings with four points from Madrid's advantage is in second place.

    Tenerife entertain at Camp Nou on Tuesday (04/05/2010), Barca was superior at 17 minutes by Lionel Messi. However, six minutes before halftime Roman managed to equalize the score.

    Excellence again gripped Bojan Krkic Barca after hacking into the goalpost Tenerife on 63 minutes. The inclusion of Pedro replaces Gerrard Pique grabs positive result after he makes Barca extend excellence in 77 minutes. Messi then fulfill a 4-1 victory over the goals of both.

    Additional three digits now fulfill Barca finished 93 points from 36 matches results, to remain in one position standings. Madrid still trail by 89 points despite playing just 35 games only.

    The game

    Barca took advantage when entering the match just 17 minutes. Dani Alves in action on the right side by sending a cross to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who then header pass to Lionel Messi. Messi then sent a ball into the goal.

    Four minutes later Messi returned to action. After receiving the ball on the right side of the penalty area, he ran and find space before firing a shot that brushed off slightly from the target.

    Other opportunities created Barca on 34 minutes. Maxwell managed to mess up the last line of Tenerife before sending sniper bait towards Ibra. But goalkeeper Sergio Aragoneses not unmindful and swiftly to secure the ball.

    No power to add goals, Barca goalkeeper just collapse. Carles Puyol feed error from the opponent can make the skin over the round until finally conquered the Roman Martinez Victor Valdes. Score 1-1.

    New Barça could return winner at minute 62. After receiving the results of the bait ball breakthrough, Bojan Krkic with a sniper sent the ball over Aragoneses.

    Advantage increasingly widened after Pedro contributed goals in the 76th minute. From a counter-attack, Messi pass opposing players in action before giving feedback to Pedro. 3-1 Barca.

    Two minutes later Tenerife had thrilling goal Barca, after Juan Francisco "Nino" break down the wicket Martínez Valdes. However, the goal disallowed because he was caught offside.

    In the minutes of injury time, Barca back to add goals. Messi returned to add the acquisition of his goal this season after scored his double in the game.

    Team Line-up:

    Víctor Valdés, Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique (Pedro 45), Maxwell, Daniel Alves, Yaya Toure Gnegneri, Seydou Keita, Xavi, Bojan Krkic (Thierry Henry '81), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sergi Busquets '66), Lionel Messi .

    Tenerife: Sergio Aragoneses; Luna Ezequiel, José Antonio Culebras, Héctor Sánchez Cabrera, Pablo Sicilia, Mikel Alonso Olano, Manolo Martinez, Roman (Omar Ramos '73), Alfaro (Angel '85), Juan Luis Lorite, Daniel Ngom kome (Juan Francisco Martínez '61).


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