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  • Bayern Munich 3-1 Bochum: Mueller hat-trick

    Bayern Munich could be said to have won Bundeliga after beating Bochum 3-1, Saturday (05/01/2010). These results, Bayern topped the standings with 67 points and a surplus of 39 goals. With one match remaining, Bayern Schalke almost impossible to be in second place with 64 points and a surplus of 22 goals.

    Striker Thomas Mueller then be referred to as the success of these important figures. Because, all of Bayern on goal Bochum goals are scored by him, his hat-trick for this game.

    Mueller scraping Bochum its tusks in the nets when the game entered the 18th minute. Utilizing the bait Philipp Lahm, he kicks the ball into lower right corner of the goal Bochum.

    Two minutes later, Franck Ribery turn to feed Mueller and scored with his header, went into the top left corner of goalkeeper Philipp Heerwagen.

    Later, ferocity Mueller slightly decreased due to the applied Bochum last game. He just could again break into the enemy goal, as the match entered the 83rd minute. Being in the middle of the penalty box, he fired a Mark van Bommel bait into the bottom right corner of Bochum goalkeeper.

    Meanwhile, the single Bochum goal scored by Christian Fuchs in the 85th minute. Trusted to execute a free kick, following a breach of Van Bommel to him, Fuchs fired the ball into the top left corner of goalkeeper Jorg Butt.

    In addition, Bayern also got help from Werder Bremen defeat Schalke 2-0 , so more difficult to maintain competition champion until last week.

    Team line-up:
    Bayern: 22-Jorg Butt, 26-Diego Contento, 28-Holger Badstuder, 6-Martin Gaston Demichelis, 21-Philipp Lahm; 7-Franck Ribery, 31-Bastian Schweinsteiger (44-Anatoliy Tymoschuk 84), 17-Mark Van Bommel , 10-Arjen Robben, 11-Ivica Olic (Mario Gomez, 33, 79), 25-Thomas Mueller (18-Miroslav Klose 71)
    Bochum: 18-Philipp Heerwagen; 24-Philipp Boenig 20-Mergim Mavraj 4-Marcel Maltritz 2-Matias concha (25-Inter-Yahia 27), 6-Christian Fuchs, 22-Mimoun Azaouagh 23-Milos Maric 7 -Paul Freier (17-Lewis Holtby 60); 11-Zlatko Dedic, 9-Stanislav Sestak (16-Vahid Hashemian 54)


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