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  • Argentina 3-1 Mexico: Tevez, Hernandez super-strike

    Argentina will face Germany in the quarterfinal. This after Albiceleste rid Mexico with a score of 3-1 in big 16, Sunday (27 / 6).

    In a match that held in Soccer City Stadium was featured as a star Carlos Tevez scored the victory with two goals, each first and second round. While one goal again donated Gonzalo Higuain who makes top scorer with four goals.

    Mexican entertainment goals scored Javier Hernandez.

    The game

    Mexico took the initiative early attacks. In the 8th minute hard kick from Carlos Salcido distance of 40 yards hit the crossbar still had time on his hands after Sergio Romero.

    A minute after Andres Guardado's turn to examine Romero from outside the penalty box. Kick curled left foot only on the thin side of the net.

    At 11 minutes past the acceleration Lionel Messi pass three Mexican players ended with a chip kick from outside the penalty box but the ball still in Oscar Perez hold.

    Three minutes later, Javier Hernandez-kick past Argentine goalkeeper endanger distance but the ball is still widening.

    In the 26th minute Argentina managed to excel through a controversial goal Tevez scored. Beginning Argentine crisis in front of goal kick results Messi, Messi lob the ball then toward the goal.

    There was Tevez who was standing in front of goal ball is then entered into a goal.

    Mexican players such as Tevez scored in protest before touching the ball is claimed to have been in an offside position.

    Mexico-33 minutes to return must be conceded and made the score finished 2-0 to Argentina. Ricardo Osorio errors in the feed in the area of defense utilized Higuain who easily conquered Perez before sending the ball into the goal.

    In the 35th minute Salcido fired back hard from outside the penalty box that can still be ignored by Romero.

    Hernandez back to have a chance in injury time period when crossing from outside the penalty box before rushing off to the wicket but failed to reach. Romero was readily secured.

    Tevez! In minute 53 Tevez gets the ball in front of the penalty box to escape from his guards and fired hard into the corner of the goal Perez. Tevez Argentina's second goal made the lead 3-0.

    In minute 61 Pablo Barrera fired a shot from a narrow angle but still sideways. Four minutes after the turn Salcido is also hard to open fire can still be ignored Romero.

    Mexico cut its backwardness in the 71st minute goal by Hernandez. Sodoran got the ball on the penalty box, Hernandez Martin Demichelis and then rip off the hard left foot shot into the top right corner of goalkeeper Romero.

    At the end of the match Messi had a chance to score goals. After passing through two opposing players Messi with left foot which can still be driven Perez.

    3-1 score remained emblazoned on the scoreboard and Argentina to meet Germany in the quarterfinals.

    Team Line-up:

    Argentina: 22-Sergio Romero, 15-Nicolas Otamendi, 2-Martin Demichelis, 4-Nicolas Burdisso, 6-Gabriel Heinze, 14-Javier Mascherano, 20-Maxi Rodriguez (23-Javier Pastore 86 '), 7-Angel Di Maria (17-Jonas Gutierrez 76 '), 10-Lionel Messi, 11-Carlos Tevez (8-Juan Veron 68'), 9-Gonzalo Higuain.

    Mexico: 1-Oscar Perez; 16-Efrain Juarez, 2-Francisco Rodriguez, 4-Rafael Marquez, 3-Carlos Salcido, Ricardo Osorio five-, 18-Andres Guardado (9-Guilermo Franco 62 '), 6-Gerardo Torrado, 21-Adolfo Bautista (7-Pablo Barrera 45 '), 17-Giovani Dos Santos, 14-Javier Hernandez.


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