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  • Argentina 4-1 Korea Republic: Higuain Hat-trick

    Gonzalo Higuain scored first hat-trick in World Cup 2010 brought Argentina beat South Korea 4-1. These results also make 'Tango Team' almost certainly qualify from Group B.

    In a match that held in Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg, on Thursday (06/17/2010) Argentina appeared dominant over South Korea. Four goals that they printed, produced by Higuain hat-tric and an Own goal from Park Chu-young, a proof. While the only goal replies Korea was born from Lee Chung-yong.

    Thanks to this victory, Argentina lead the standings of Group B with six points. These results make the landing troops Diego Maradona is almost certainly escaped from the group phase.

    The match:

    Argentina strikes directly at the beginning of the match with an attack led by Lionel Messi, Carlos Tevez and Gonzalo Higuain. On the left, Angel Di Mary joined the attack into the heart of the defense support South Korea.

    Opportunities are created in the early minutes of the game. Tevez strike from the left wing side of the South Korean goalkeeper. Manchester City player is then given operand is accurate at the Mary who kicked the ball directly towards the goal. Honey is still widening. Gonzalo Higuain in the turn-seven minutes into the kick from the right side of goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong. Although hard, the ball was floated over the bar.

    Gol! In the 15th minute, Lionel Messi took the free kick from the left side of the South Korean goalkeeper. Gastric feed directly into the penalty box is then related to the foot of Park Chu-young. Finally drove the ball towards his own goalkeeper.

    Tevez! Hard kick in the 27th minute goal could threaten South Korea. Unfortunately, the ball obtained through a free kick has not been able to tear the nets Jung Sung-ryong.

    Despite continued pressure, South Korea is not without opportunities. In minute 28, Lee Chung-yong obtain feedback opportunities through the stomach from the right side. However, the header with just still far from the crossbar.

    Then created the second goal with a header Higuain in the 32nd minute. Utilizing feedback from the hull on the left side Messi, Real Madrid striker was successful at driving the ball to the wicket after South Korean defender had time to bounce.

    The rain did not seem to attack from Argentina stopped. Eight minutes later, Higuain kick towards goal but was pushed over by goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong. The ball then bounced into the direction of De Maria. Suddenly, the player's number seven directly off a hard kick right foot. But, once again was saved by the goalkeeper.

    Towards the break, Messi to do a solo run from midfield. South Korea managed to outwit four players, Barcelona star is finally releasing a kick but still soared.

    Too busy attacking, Argentina careless at the back. South American teams are being broken due to a ball which is controlled by Martin Demichelis been won Lee Chung-yong. The Jabulani was then easily struck to goalkeeper Sergio Romero. The first half ended with the score 2-1.

    Diego Maradona forces continued to launch attacks in the second round. Cooperation slick Tevez and Di Maria in front of goal, completed later by kicking Higuain. The ball that led to the goal, successfully pushed over goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong well.

    Yeom Ki-Hun could have scored a goal in minute 57 'when attacking from the left side of Argentina. Stay dealing with Romero, he was let go hard kick. Honey is still wide on the right side.

    South Korea started to provide resistance. Some of the attacks led by Park Ji Sung began to trouble the defense of Argentina. Substitute, Kim Nam II hard fired outside the penalty box in the 71st minute. But the score remained unchanged since the ball wide to the side of goalkeeper Romero.

    Heinze was given a yellow card directly in the 73rd minute by the referee for holding the ball with his hand. In the 74th minute, Tevez was replaced by Sergio Aguero.

    Tango team returned coffers increase through Higuain scored in minute 76. Messi did dribbling goal from the left side of South Korea. Managed to kick his left leg pushed over goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong. Less than perfect rescue the ball bounced back towards Messi. Without thinking, but kicked the ball back on the pole. Fortunately, the reflection of the ball leading to a direct Higuain coolly execute.

    Higuain finally scored the first World Cup Hattrick since 2002. In the 79th minute, he succeeded in heading the ball from Tevez substitute bait , Sergio Aguero.

    Toward the end of the game, Aguero attacks from the right side of South Korea. Maradona in-law was eventually kicked the ball hard but still hovered on the left side of goal.

    The match closed with the score 4-1.

    Team Line-up:

    Argentina: 22-Sergio Romero; 2-Martin Demichelis, 13-Walter Samuel (Burdisso 23 '), 6-Gabriel Heinze, 17-Jonas Gutierrez, 14-Javier Mascherano, 20-Maxi Rodriguez, 7-Angel Di Maria, 10 - Lionel Messi, 11-Carlos Tevez (Aguero 77 '), 9-Gonzalo Higuain.

    South Korea: 18-Jung Sung-ryong; 2-Oh Beom-Seok, 12-Lee Young-Pyo, 4-Cho Yong-hyung, 14-Lee Jung-soo, 8-Kim Jung-woo, 16-Ki-Sung yong (Kim Nam II 46 '), 7-Park Ji-sung, 17-Lee Chung-yong, 10-Park Chu-young, 19-Yeom Ki-hun.


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