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  • Australia 2-1 Serbia: Cahill great-header

    Australian managed to beat Serbia 2-1. But the victory was not enough for Australia to get away to a big round of 16.

    In the game at Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit, Wednesday (23/06/2010) the threat is mostly done by the Serbs. But until there is no intermission and scored the goal that was created was still 0-0.

    Australia eventually led 1-0 in the 69th minute through Tim Cahill's header after using a crossing. At minute 73, Brett Holman enlarge victory for Australia to be 2-0.

    Serbia Still trying to repay it. Minimize Pantelic after dropping a 1-2 advantage the ball in the 84th minute. The score stood until the end of the game.

    But the victory was not enough for Australia to qualify for the next round. It was following the German victory over Ghana 1-0 in another match. Australia must be satisfied in the third position of losing a goal difference of Ghana.

    This means that Group D presented by Germany as group winners and runners-up Ghana.

    The game

    Serbia pressed ahead but efforts can be muted Milos Krasic Australian player. Krasic back pressure in the fifth minute but his kick from a narrow angle can be blocked by goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer.

    At minute 11 a golden opportunity obtained by Krasic breakthrough after successfully getting bait. But his kick was off after Schwarzer failed to stem.

    After threats from Serbian Zdravko Kuzmanovic but kick in the goal still misses the point. While Australia seems difficult to be able to threaten the goal of Serbia.

    At minute 22 Schwarzer managed to thwart the opportunity Branislav Ivanovic. Dejan Stankovic had time to kick off speculation but it still can be secured Schwarzer.

    Australia started to push through Tim Cahill's header but still deviated from the target. While Serbia remained consistent and again threatens Krasic but first declared off-side.

    Kenedy welcomed a gastric feed can still be saved goalkeeper and score 0-0 until halftime. In the second half Australia had taken the initiative to attack but did not endanger the Australian goal.

    The game even harder, especially as shown by the Australian players. Cahill threatened by Serbian goalkeeper kicks the ball still bouncing hard dear.

    While the two opportunities is owned by Zigic but one strayed and another declared off-side. 58 Minutes to a Mark Bresciano free kick can still be pushed over by goalkeeper Vladimir Stojković.

    63 minute hard kick from Bresciano outside the penalty box can still be thwarted Stojković ball loose and Cahill tries to greet him. But the referee claimed her first off-side.

    Gol finally come to Australia after Cahill welcomed with a header with just a crossing. Goals are increasingly eager to make the Australian players.

    At minute 73, Holman managed to enlarge the goal through their hard kick from outside the penalty box. Still trying to press the Serbs also continued.

    Pressure is still being conducted by the Australian. But Serbia is able to steal one goal after Tosic strike creates jambulani effect Schwarzer failed caught off the ball well and was greeted by Pantelic.

    Australia continues to push for Serbia's goal to make the smaller the chance of escape. 2-1 score did not change until the end of the match and Australia should be excluded because it means losing on goal difference from Ghana who has the same points, four points.

    Team Line-up:

    Australia: 1-Mark Schwarzer; 2-Lucas Neill, Michael Beauchamp, 6, 4-Tim Cahill, 9-Josh Kennedy, 8-Luke Wilkshire (19-Richard Garcia 82), 23-Mark Bresciano (11-Scott Chipperfield 66) , 5-Jason Culina, 16-Carl Valeri (14-Brett Holman 66), 7-Brett Emerton, 21-David Carney.

    Serbia: 1-Vladimir Stojković; 6-Branislav Ivanovic, Nemanja Vidic, 5, 13-Aleksandar Lukovic, 17-Milos Krasic (7-Zoran Tosic 62), 10-Dejan Stankovic, 16-Ivan Obradovic, 22-Zdravko Kuzmanovic (8 Danko Lazovic, 77), 18-Milos Ninkovic, 14-Milan Jovanovic, Nikola Zigic 15-(9-Marko Pantelic 67)


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