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  • Greece 0-2 Argentina: 10 Years Palermo waiting

    There are two Martin a boon to Argentina's victory over Greece: Demichelis and Palermo. Martin Special to the last, his goal had a meaning of their own - let alone that he had to fight with the "Monster".

    Indeed, Palermo was not new to the squad. In the past, he was quite often in and out of the national team, but not even once he was called to defend his country in the World Cup.

    It was not until the age of advanced age, 36 years old, he was called to strengthen Argentina. And it was the World Cup 2010 World Cup has become the first of his career. Palermo clearly pleased.

    However, he did not much expect to get into the core squad. With the young age have not, plus a fierce competition up front, Boca Juniors striker was chosen to be realistic. He knows, it's hard to get rid of names like Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuain, Diego Milito or Carlos Tevez.

    No wonder if eventually Palermo calls herself in the midst of the siege "Monster".

    "The problem here is we are talking about a team loaded with stars. I was surrounded by Monsters!" He joked to Ole before the game against Greece.

    "Diego (Maradona) who will decide when I entered the field, and it surely see the need for the team. I was quite pleased to see where I am right now," continued the striker was nicknamed El Loco.

    And Maradona finally provide the opportunity for him. Palermo is inserted into the field - replacing Milito - when the game entered the 80th minute. Nine minutes later, luck came to him.

    Messi kicking the ball goalkeeper Alexandros Tzorvas denied crude and fell in front of him. Without further ado, he immediately struck theball into the goal. That was his first goal in World Cup in his debut as well in the World Cup after 10 years waiting.


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